Forage is awesome in Young Justice

He is my favorite newly introduced character in Young Justice


Yes, Forager is my favorite new character too. He’s cute, formidable and funny.


Love Forager! <3


Forager is also Forager’s favorite!

Seriously though, as a big New Gods fan, it’s great to see Forager get so much spotlight


I hope his newfound popularity on YJ will spur people to check him out in the comics. His appearance there is much different but the general characteristics are similar.


I agree

I’m a Forager & all things Kirby fan. I’m glad his characters are finally getting the front row they deserve. They’ve been sprinkled in Bold & Brave, Stas etc. YJ is the show that’s finally putting them in the forefront of the public eye. Happy to see it. Also, big fan of Batman & the Outsiders, & their getting their due now too. People are finally experiencing Halo, Black Lightning, Katana & Metamorpho were pretty well known. Geo-Force not so much, glad to see him getting love. Terra also falls in pretty well established characters. Add in Spolier, Orphan, & Bluebird, & there’s something for every generation to appreciate.

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“Forager smells barbeque.”