For Wrestling Fans

What wrestler (past or present) would you want to see Batman team up with and what is one you would want to see him feud with? Here are my picks:

  1. Teaming up with Becky Lynch - Both have grit, both fight with their hearts & both are looked up to by many people as inspirations
  2. Teaming up with Jon Moxley - Two disciplined badasses who like to beat up scumbags
  3. Feud with Vince Mcmahon - Battle of the Billionaires
  4. Feud with Brock Lesner - Mostly because I think it would be awesome to see Batman humble Brock by beating the hell out of him

Team with the Undertaker.

Feud with the Fiend.


I love this question so much! My kiddo LOVES DC and Wrestling, so we go through these types of scenarios a lot!

Our picks -

  1. Team with Sting - Because they are both dark, brooding, and lie in wait.
  2. Feud with Balor AKA Demon King - A generally nice person that has bad things happen to him, so he snaps and becomes an evil demon.

I was thinking about them too

Those are good picks

I would like to see him team up with the Miz! Miz helping Batman but having to resort to tricks and him trying to take the credit when Batman leaves the scene. Also a sorta goofy cop and bad cop dynamic that should terrorize Gotham’s baddest and annoy Batman!
I think a feud between him and a Prime Ric Flair with Charlotte Flair would be fun as Bruce dates Charlotte.


I love the Miz, used to watch him on MTV before he was a wrestler. Great pick!

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Batman would probably snap at the Miz like he did to Harley Quinn on that episode of the animated series.
“Listen and listen well: Do not touch anything, do anything, or say anything unless I tell you to! GOT IT!?”

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I know! Love that quote! It would be cool to see if they did a WWE or Scooby special for Batman or Harley! Her roller derby skills could come in handy in the WWE!

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Team up with Bret heart cause there both the best there is was and ever will be at there jobs lol

Feude with Ric Flair the dirtiest player in the game or Randy orton…

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I agree

Knowing Randy Orton, things would definitely get personal