For those unhappy with the service

I get it. I understand that a lot of you as DC fans are not 100% happy with the service because it undoubtedly has a lot more flaws than some of us may have anticipated. I’m partly there with you as a DC fan who has his own problems with the way certain things have handled the service. However, I have some hope for it. It really does have a lot more potential than I think people want to give it credit for and I’ve said this more times than I care to count. It is very reminiscent of how Netflix was when it became a streaming service. It was really buggy and terrible. It was not at all worth the price of subscribing and wasn’t available in dozens of countries because of legal, technological, and financial reasons but eventually it got there. Now look at what it has become. It has become the leader of streaming services with a rotating catalog of films and TV shows from different eras and studios and is the producer of dozens of original TV shows and films. It has become a rival to big film and television studios like Disney and Warner Bros which is really impressive and if you told me that was in Netflix’s future back then I wouldn’t have believed you. The same goes for DC Universe. It can be that if you do more than just complain and say “Blah blah DC Universe sucks blah blah I’m cancelling my sub blah blah” with numerous threads doing that on this discussion board.

If you want DC Universe to succeed then here’s how we as DC fans can do just that. Don’t just bash the service. Actually give some strong constructive criticisms and positive suggestions about what is wrong with the service and how it can do better. Don’t just take it to the discussion boards because while the moderators have already acknowledged certain issues on certain threads they may not catch all of the big stuff. That stuff is getting drowned out by the posts that don’t fully contribute much outside of promoting negativity and the posts that do other things like discuss comics. Take it through the proper channels where they can filter out the garbage and see the real problems by filing reports to the DC Universe Help Center. This stuff is why they set up in the first place and it’s a great tool that I don’t think enough of us are using.

Here is a link to help out:


Basically, we should help the Alpha Lanterns (moderators) and the tech gurus that manage the service over at WB Digital Labs instead of hurting them. They aren’t purposefully ignoring us or not hearing us out. They just aren’t aware of what we have to say because we’ve said it wrong and in the wrong place. It happens.

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I hear you bro

I’m with you. I mean how do you get mad when the service has only been out 2 weeks? Do you really wanna go back to paying 15 bucks for a movie? I don’t think so.


I’m with you. It’s a bad app on Apple TV but I know after a few version fixes it’s going to be fantastic. Though my biggest problem there is not actually having a favorites list even though I have picks, I grumble most at having to download every comic issue instead of it streaming like Marvel Unlimited. That’s what I want from the comic side and more like Netflix app for video. I’m sure it will get there. It’s usable now but can see it so much better.

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Huge DC fan, I see great potential. Bring on the exclusive content already. I want to see it flourish and get better, as I’m sure we all do.


Hey. Question. Anyone else have issues when scrolling down the discussion boards? Literally it keeps going back to the very top of the discussion board page on its own


I’m with you there NerdWonder. Great post. I see a lot of potential here and I’m willing to see that potential come to fruition. I think it will evolve into a great app as time goes on.

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It’s not perfect. I know many here were expecting it to be the most perfect nerd experience ever. But, it’s not there yet, but will grow with time. I mean for those who paid the $75 for 15 months, that’s not a lot of money. That’s roughly $5 per month of your income. That’s one less cup of coffee and one less fast food meal. That’s nothing. And you’re getting all this entertainment, even though for now it’s in it’s infancy. I mean the current amount of content posted on DC Universe can probably last the average person several months if not longer. The video content alone is pretty decent. 30+ movies, 9 TV shows and around 12 animated shows with many episodes. Plus, there’s a bunch of misc specials and videos. No one can watch all that in 1 week. And then there’s the comics. It’s not a complete all you can read library, but it’s many hours of reading already. Some were complaining why launch it now when it doesn’t have everything…why not? They already have a good starting point library. If they waited to get all the content they hope to get approved and cleared, it could probably take another year or two to launch. And video streaming no matter who owns it has limited streaming rights. Even though WB owns this service and the content, it still needs to be legally cleared. Actors, writers and producers all need to be paid for it even though some of the content is decades old.

That’s my 2 cents.



Let’s be real. It was never going to be the perfect nerd experience because nothing fully is but the main gist of this service was that it would be a way to access all sorts of DC content at a fair price range which has MOSTLY been true despite some omissions of content that is going to be rotated in and out so we always have something new to read and watch.

If you’re a DC Comics fan on a budget which the majority are then this service even within it’s infancy is still a strong investment that is inexpensive since the amount of stuff will grow as certain contracts and licenses expire or change companies. The innovative native-comics reader alone despite a few bugs is still amazing and was the biggest selling-point for the service and it overall has felt like what we were told it would feel like. No other service does that. The comics selection despite being all over the place is still massive with a couple of big arcs and a few complete runs to the point even I don’t know where to fully go all the time. Just imagine how a casual who has never read comics but wants to for the first time feels upon viewing the current library. Overwhelmed doesn’t even cut it and just wait until the full catalog comes up next month. Most of the promises have been fullfilled.

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Here some easy advice, put it on Fire TV like it was supposed to be before they did the bait and switch.

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I dunno, having streaming apps available for Roku/FireTV/Xbox/PS4/Whatever should have been the bare minimum they could’ve had ready on launch.


Positive, constructive criticism. I concur :wink: