For Those That Want To Dress Like Diana Prince in Wonder Woman 1984

Nothing shines as much as Diana Prince herself, however, thanks to the hard work of costume designer Lindy Hemming and her talented team.
Do you wish you could have pieces inspired by Diana hanging in your own closet?How could we talk about any other wardrobe piece except that white gown first?When Diana Prince steps into the fundraising gala wearing a long cream-colored dress, heads turn and jaws drop.The floor-length gown is paired with Diana’s hair worn loose, taupe high heels and only a gold statement bracelet. The entire effect is stunning. In an interview with the Golden Globe Awards, Hemming refers to it as the goddess garment.The dress is actually two pieces, Hemming reveals, consisting of a silk crepe blouse paired with a wraparound skirt.
Diana is obviously fond of drapey fabrics. Whether she’s dressing for a night out at a restaurant or putting together an ensemble for a typical workday, she often pairs graceful tops with tapered trousers with pleats at the waistline. Hemming points out that the beautiful fabric for some of Diana’s pieces is one of the most expensive you can buy, silk crepe.
Diana definitely knows how to dress like Themysciran royalty.
And we have to mention Diana’s animal-print high heels admired by Barbara Minerva as another must-have accessory. Again paired with a classy blouse and slacks, this time both in dark blue, these pumps catch the brilliant scientist’s eye for good reason.
“She looks down and sees these fantastic heels which she herself is unable to wear,” says Hemming, “and they inspire her in that moment when she’s desiring to look like Diana Prince.”
Are you a kindred spirit with Barbara and haven’t mastered gracefully walking in heels yet? Look for animal-print flats or ankle boots as a tribute to the two gal pals.
A white button-down shirt and khaki trousers are accessorized with a blazer on top of a navy pinstripe waistcoat in another memorable outfit. This look was inspired by designer Ralph Lauren, a staple of the 1980s. A woven belt worn high around the waist completes the outfit. This adventuresome look is both classy and an unmistakable homage to this era of fashion thanks to the large shoulder pads atop the blazer.
If you want to replicate Diana’s outfits complete with shoulder pads, start your search on websites that offer vintage clothing for sale.
Search by decade and some of the designers mentioned above, like Ralph Lauren and Christian Dior, to begin your hunt.
Begin with adding a few hints of Diana’s wardrobe to your own.
Flowy, solid-color blouses, tapered high-waisted pants and simple but bold jewelry pieces are fantastic starting points that are in style no matter the decade.

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