For the Titans haters

CBR reports Titans picked up for second season already so someone clearly enjoyed it.


To be fair, renewing a show before it airs isn’t uncommon. It just shows the studio/network has faith in the show. But I DID see the first reactions to the first two episode on CBR. Apparantly, its not as bad as people said it would be.


Cool. Hopefully they set up Nightwing and Jason’s death for s2 and then bring in Tim in mid s2 or 3

Let’s be real. The renewal was a business decision. DC Universe isn’t something that will monitor TV ratings like normal TV. There’s no ad money coming in. This is about exposure and getting more subscribers. Also, once they sold the show internationally to Netflix, that made it financially possible to continue making the show.

Hate haters😏

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Like Truth_of_Pisces said, renewing a show for another season before it airs isn’t uncommon. I had a friend who worked backgrounds for the Disenchantment on Netflix, a second season was purchased before the first season was even announced, and that show is a trash heap.


I feels like it is very fashionable these days to trash every movie and tv show that comes out as if that makes you cool or smart but it just makes you sound bitter and miserable and I pity your tormented existence.


The reviews are good for the show

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Look, I’m looking forward to TITANS but yeah like they said let’s not jump the gun based on that fact, to believe that it’s gonna be good. Personally I think it’s gonna be just all right. Based simply on the fact that they’re steering (seemingly for now) hard against the source material which is what I connect and relate to and the reason I wanna watch the show in the first place. IMO, we need the writers of Young Justice working on a Live Action project. But that’s just me.

Haters aren’t very nice

I was excited for the show despite the haters and then I read that Batman is going to be represented as a cold blooded killer. Eh. Not interested anymore.

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Who said Batman was gonna be a cold-blooded killer? I have not read that anywhere.

The guy who’s gonna play Robin in titan one of the interview in comic con in NYC.

Im really excited for it. Im bummed its a weekly release though. Just throw the season out lol

I can’t wait to see it this Friday, the only thing about this series is that I wish is that Cyborg would be in it, either way I think it’ll still be a great show to watch! :slight_smile:


I am really excited to watch it this Friday and I’m sure it earned that season 2 renewal.