For the people reading Sideways how do you like the comic?

I picked it up just for Kenneth Rocafort art at the beginning but I’ve grown to really like the character. My favorite moment of the comic so far is Spoilers

When Derek goes to the morgue in issue 7 to say how sorry he was for not picking up his mothers calls not realizing it would be the last time he would be able to talk to her. That whole entire scene was heart breaking.

Overall Sideways is a gem of a comic that more people should be reading.

I read 2 issues and hoped to read more with this subscription. When will it be added? If I knew along of titles weren’t going to be on here I would’ve waited a couple months to subscribe

I like Sideways Besides Silencer it is my favorite new age of heroes. Bit really digging the current arc though.

I read the first 3 issues. It wasn’t to my liking but I see why so many people like it so much

I enjoy Sideways especially the current story with the Seven Soldiers