For the love of God just end it

Hey everyone!

I need a little community love to help refuel my enthusiasm for DC.

I’ve been reading DC comics for 25+ years. I understand that ever couple years they “crisis” everything to bring in new readers and adjust legacy characters. Since the launch of ReBirth I’ve been struggling… there doesn’t seem to Be the same care and grace taken with these characters. Fans who have concerns are told that they’re the problem and not the books or radical departures from the characters we’ve been reading.

Take the Latest issue of Batman #83 for example.

This book is boring. We’ve been paying $3.99 for the past couple issues where it’s just been one scene deconstructed throughout the entire issue. Batman is no longer exciting or someone to look up to. He’s has been moping around not using his deductive prowess for over a year.

Normally around the holidays I spend the time with my nephews playing super friends and reading them great stories. This year however I don’t see the point. I don’t know how they can get excited about these “heroes” anymore.

I’m trying to not let my sour taste ruin my nephews experience but I don’t see the point anymore. Why get them excited about stories and characters that are so grossly neglected. I’m seriously close to just closing shop and ending my relationship with DC.



Hey friend. Don’t fret! The good thing is, after 80+ years DC stories are still being told. Different eras, different voices and different artists…the possibilities of what to read are endless. So if 2016+ is not your cup of tea, it only represents a tiny fraction of DC material available. You can always go back and check out those runs or storylines you never read…or even revisit stuff you always meant to. Having DCU allows exactly that. As for current comics, stuff you like will come in time. New writers and artists taking over titles all the time; you are bound to click with someone somewhere. You can also sample a title you never considered reading…you never know what might click with you…another thing DCU allows you to do. Don’t let your expectations define your experience. Explore and you are bound to re-fall in love with DC again :smile:



Thanks for the positive outlook! Unfortunately I’ve been lowering my expectations in hopes that the experience would get better. Sadly I’m just not that satisfied with the DCU APP or what’s being published. Alas I am only human and would love some suggested reading :+1:t3:

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I understand how you feel, especially after King’s treatment of Batman. I’ve been very critical of this string of Batman comics, and it’s very easy to get hung up this whole awful mess. But take this as an opportunity to branch out from Batman. With 80 years of storytelling, DC has a surplus of stories rooted in heroism and adventure. If the Rebirth Batman’s getting you discouraged, then put it down and find something better. Personally, I’ve been skimming some of Johns’s Green Lantern and some Superman, and it really helps balance out the aggravation I feel from reading King’s Batman stories. If you really want to stick with Batman, consider going back through the older eras of the Dark Knight, and remember just how good those stories can be with the right writer.

I really hope you take this advice to heart, and remember the magic and excitement that undoubtedly brought us all into the DCU.


@ZODWASRIGHT, tell is more about what you like, and some of us might be able to help with recommendations :slightly_smiling_face:

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@moro @Batman0803

Right now I’m making my way through 80-90s Superman titles. I loved Waids run on flash. I’m also finishing off N52 WW then moving back to the 80s post crisis run.

Johns has had some of the strongest stories in the modern era. I don’t know why they don’t just make him EOC. The proofs in the puddin (GL, Flash, Doomsday Clock)


I liked New 52 Wonder Woman quite a bit. Not a dull issue. Another good Azzarello story is Superman: For Tomorrow. As for Waid, I’ve only read Kingdom Come for him, which I also thought was great. You mentioned you’ve been reading for 25 years, so you’ve probably read way more than I have, making it a bit tricky to recommend. From the current crop of comics, some of my favorites are:

  • Bendis’ Superman and Action Comics. Superman should be read alongside Supergirl for full enjoyment (the Rogol Zaar story carries into Supergirl).
  • Snyder’s Justice League, starting with No Justice through now.
  • Justice League Odyssey. Fun space story, and there’s Darkseid.
  • Rucka’s Lois Lane.
  • Also check out Batman Universe, Superman Up in the Sky and Wonder Woman Come Back to me. They’re the stories featured in the Walmart Giants, now being published stand-alone. They’re much fun to read, and different from the main DC line of comics. Batman Universe in particular is a standout.

Some great suggestions have been posted. I stopped reading Kings Batman, too much " deconstruction " of the character for me.

I have been reading Flash and really liking it.

Like moro stated the magic of this app is the wide range of titles. I am reading the Crisis on Infinite Earths for the first time and loving it.

If you are really missing the classic comic magic just check some of the old Jack Kirby stuff.

Seriously Zoe don’t let this go. Your nephews imagination will be enhanced and so will yours. Best of luck!


Tom King just needs someone to tell him it’s all going to be all right.


Go Back to the Classic Golden and Silver age, the Begining where it all began. The New 52 launch restarted my love for comics but I found I needed to step back to truly enjoy the New… Without the launch of New52 my old collectibles would still be locked away in a box up in the attic. The DCU app lets me enjoy sharing my childhood memories with my niece and nephews with the vintage cartoon series, and TV classics like adventures of Superman, Shazam, Wonder Woman and all the excitement going forward… Thank You DCU for bringing back my Childhood from the 70’s so that I can share with the future lovers of DC.