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For years, Hawkman continuity was kinda convoluted. Several iterations of the character existed, sometimes within the same timeframe and even interacting. There tended with fans, however, to be two main camps: the Carter Hall/reincarnation camp, and the silver age Katar Hol/Thanagarian space cop camp.

Geoff Johns was able to do some continuity cleanup during his stint, but there was still some confusion. Recently, Robert Venditti’s run (and I won’t spoil how) found a way to consolidate all past versions of Hawkman, making them all the same guy.

Personally, I think this was long overdue. But I have two questions for everyone: A. Did you guys find Venditti’s take to be satisfactory moving forward? And B. What was your favorite take on Hawkman prior to this?

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*forgot to add that Carter was my favorite, but the silver age Kubert costume is the best

I thought he’s done a nice job of consolidating the different versions, similar to how I would have thought it should have gone. Love Johns run both in JSA and Hawkman’s book.


That Hawkman solo is super underrated! I’ve met alot of Kendra Saunders fans who haven’t read it and I always point them in that direction. Even after Johns left there were alot of strong stories

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Venditti’s Hawkman is my favorite take on the character so far, because it so masterfully crafts all prior versions of Hawkman together without disrespecting any of them.


My sentiments exactly. It was just such a no-brainer that you have to wonder how it hadn’t already been done


Satoru Iwata once said the most elegant solutions are those which simply solve multiple problems at once. That’s what Venditti has done for Hawkman.


I mean isn’t this how many of us were squaring it in our heads anyway?

It was definitely a situation where fans pretty much had to have their own headcanon to make sense of it.

I was also fond of JLU’s interpretation

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