For Darkseid!

This is a glorious time! Our Lord and savior, Darkseid has made it to the final four! Now, as his loyal servants, it us up to us to ensure he wins it all! Remember, Darkseid Is.

P.s. If Darkseid loses… Desaad will weed out and ensure those who voted against our Lordord experience the worst pain ever imagined

Darkseid Is


BOO! Darkseid shall perish and soon after, the coward Desaad shall fall.

Our beautiful, sweet, sexy Kara will be avenged once and for all!



Nah. To quote Springfield’s Darkseid: “I’d be happier with the dollar.”

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I’m team #ForKrypton too :slight_smile:

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Question for Darkseid: Do you like boiled, steamed or baked?

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