Flying in the Face of Reason

Hi all! I was wondering if anyone’s heard what the plans are for a new Green Lantern series? I read the John Stewart one-shot, and wasn’t overly impressed. Also, I’d like to ask a question: Do you think one of the Earth-born Green Lanterns should retire? Not get killed off or anything like that, but have one last, great adventure and then step down from active duty. For me, Kyle Rayner seems like the obvious candidate. He seems to be getting pushed farther out of the spotlight with the new GLs showing up, and being a super-hero wasn’t what he wanted to do, although when he was the sole GL, he did it pretty well. I think he should be given a grand send-off, get back together with Jennie-Lynn Hayden (Jade), and holster the ring to focus on his art. Agree/disagree?

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Dawn has already announced 2 new titles for Hal Jordan and John Stewart. There might also be a new title for Jo Mullein. Jade will probably be used in the Justice Society title. Kyle Rayner maybe can be used in Titans. Tai Pham seems to be in another universe altho I prefer Tai Pham on earth 0. Keli Quintela is probably still in Young Justice. Many Green Lanterns are in the Lazarus Planet event. It seems like Green Lantern Charlie Vicker is no longer being used.


I like all the human GLs, but I do think it could be interesting if one of them did retire, at least from active duty. Kyle seems to have a lot of other things going, both with his art and being a White Lantern for a while, so that does seem like a good fit. Although I could also see Guy or John stepping back some. It would be okay for one of them to step back from active duty and be more of a reservist, in case things get really really bad.


I feel bad for Kyle. He’s the hero who helped bring back the lantern corps, yet DC comics really left this guy behind. Hal Jordan and John Stewart became the premiere lanterns, Guy gardener is a cult favorite lantern, the new lanterns of the new 52; Jessica and Baz became fan favorites, and future lanterns like Jo mullein and Keli Quintela came along, pushing Kyle even more into the background.
He should retire and perhaps his ring goes to the teen lantern Keli Quintela who actually isn’t a normal lantern or even the ring goes to bring a canon Tai Pham into prime earth. I like to see Kyle perhaps work with the Omega men as its newest member as he had a relationship with them in Tom king Omega men series and were seen helping Kyle when his ring went out.

The lanterns had a massive change where they are no longer beholden to the Oan’s central battery and are not military police officers. The John Stewart one-shot seems to establish the lanterns are now space adventuring heroes, essentially free to operate without Oan rules and will be more pulled into the direction of the fourth world mythology. I imagine a former lantern like Kyle could thrive in this environment.


That’s quite a pull. Yeah, he probably won’t be featured in a lantern series anytime soon. :laughing:


I kinda, sorta agree lol But… I don’t think Guy would retire unless his body completely gave out. It looks like John is being made a focal point for future Green Lantern adventures, so that kind of rules him out. Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz have potential, especially if DC pairs them up again (provided Jess has finally left the Sinestro Corps). Jo Mullein has a bright future as well.

For me, retiring Kyle would give room for all the other Lanterns to have a go, and he could always return if the need arises (as we seem to have at least 2 Crises a year lol). He could keep his ring, marry Jade and settle in NYC.

The question is, though… Who should he face off against in his final, great adventure? :slight_smile: