Flying Home: Tyler Hoechlin Brings Superman's Family Into Focus

Superman can outrun a speeding bullet, slow down a locomotive and leap tall buildings in a single bound…but what can’t he do? Finding a good challenge for a man who can do nearly everything has always been an issue with Superman and it’s often the stories that are most creative in tackling this problem that wind up becoming classics. The Death of Superman . For the Man Who Has Everything . Heck, even The Dark Knight Returns can be put into this category.

See what Superman himself, Tyler Hoechlin, had to say in the full interview in the News section of!

Are you excited to see Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman get his own show? How do you feel about the Man of Steel having a family? Let us know in the comments below!


Yep definitely watching tonight.


I can’t wait for tonight :blush:


A domesticated Superman? This should be interesting…

This “Superman” can’t do nearly anything if CW kept bashing him in Supergirl.

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The pilot was very good

I enjoyed the pilot, a lot.