FLASHSALE31 offer & code; 50% off annual price

Hi! Time sensitive issue here. I very much want to take advantage of the half off year subscription sale advertised on Facebook and Instagram. However, I’m stumped as to where or how to enter the FLASHSALE31 code to receive the deal! Apparently we only have today (March 1) to use this so please let me know if you can help! Thank you and take care.

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@DockingBay94 @PawlakFamily5

Have you both followed the instructions at the bottom of the article here?

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Yes. I have a card on file already for my monthly subscription. Following the link, there is no option to add a code or coupon. My options only allow me to change subscription to Annual, which then automatically begins with a five day trial under the normal full price. I am not reaching an area that allows me to include the sale code.

Again, same. There’s no place to put in a code if you already have a sub.
Also, no place to extend a yearly sub out another year. I’d be down to cancel my current yearly (full price) sub if it’ll refund me the remaining 7 months pro-rated, then just start a new annual with the promo code–but then I might be in exactly the same boat at DB94 I believe.

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We reached out to the folks on the CS team for some clarification on this issue.

This offer is for New and Returning subscribers only, so this is for brand new accounts or for accounts that have lapsed and are now resubscribing to the service. As far as I can tell, there’s no way around this either without creating a new account as your sub would have to expire today in order to qualify.

Sorry for the inconvenience! I did let the CS team and marketing know that the terminology used wasn’t the clearest so that we can avoid this issue in the future.


Thanks for the help.
That’s truly an unfortunate response though.
Not sure why DCUI wouldn’t want to lock their subscribers in for a whole additional year when they offer a promo like this–regardless of monthly, annual, or lapsed.


Thanks! Yeah it is rather confusing, and quite strange that it’s available for non subscribers, but monthly members are left out of the chance to upgrade. :disappointed:

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