:00_flash: Flashpoint Beyond Discussion Thread (Spoilers; #6 Drops on 10/18) :00_flash:

One week from today, April 12th, sees the debut of Flashpoint Beyond, with Geoff Johns returning to the universe he helped make in 2011, which ultimately unmade the DC Universe and then made way for The New 52. :partying_face:

Here’s some spiffy cover art, by the by:

#0 (on-sale 4/12)

Regular cover by Dexter Soy

Card stock cover by Eduardo Risso

1:25 cover by Max Dunbar

#1 (on-sale 5/3)

Regular cover by Mitch Gerads

Nathan Szerdy A variant

Nathan Szerdy B variant

Are you a fan of the universe-redefining Flashpoint from 2011, eager to read its sequel and curious what happens to the Thomas Wayne Batman (dude just can not catch a break, it seems)?

Flash your thoughts below! :00_flash:


I have it on preorder.

No, far from it. It almost made me give up on comics. Nothing to do with being universe redefining, it is just a bland and generic alternate universe story that makes no sense.



Neat! Curious to see what you think of it.

Flashpoint Beyond #0 is my most-anticipated book for next week, so I will most definitely chime in.

Also, for any who are new to Flashpoint and/or the Thomas Wayne Batman and have absolutely no idea what any of this is about, you can get caught up on the TWB with this handy-dandy collection, new in stores today:

Of course, you can also read that mini and everything pertaining to Flashpoint in this collection from the DCUI library:


That’s really interesting – if you weren’t a fan of the Flashpoint universe, why are you interested in the Thomas Wayne Batman from that world? No hate, I would just think that the stuff with Thomas would be one of the biggest examples of the weird rules of that alternate universe.


Anyway, I’m definitely curious to see where this story goes – especially since it sounds like it’s also bringing in components from Doomsday Clock with the Mime and Marionette teamed up with prime Batman.


That reminds me of this little goody that debuted yesterday:

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No, Thomas Wayne was the best part.

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Understandable. I’ve been really enjoying Thomas’ character progression – from tragic hero to tragic villain to now being on a team that includes the likes of Barack Obama Superman and a talking, hulking bunny rabbit. What a ride.


Justice League Incarnate was so good.

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I need a Geoff Johns Captain Cold or Rogues ongoing series. :100:


Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern and Flash were what got me into DC Comics, I would love seeing him do a Rogues series.


For a Johns-written tale spotlighting the Rogues, there’s always Rogue War, which begins in the below issue:


The little preview at the end of this week’s Batman issue got me. “5G averted”? Potential elaborations on omni-multi-meta-versal stuffs? I’m… curious. I don’t remember any of the details in Flashpoint though. Hopefully the broad strokes are enough, because I’m too lazy to go back and re-read.


This is… very pretty. I don’t remember what Diana looked like in Flashpoint. Was it this New 52-ish?

McFarlane will make it before making a vanilla Wonder Woman. I will buy it.


Flashpoint, itself was cool. The New 52 on the other hand. I started picking up all the books, but it quickly went to Animal Man and Swamp Thing…then nothing. Then rebirth, and I was excited when I saw the list of specials and there was an Earth 2 rebirth. I was hoping my JSA was returning and the carp that was in the Earth 2 book was going away. Unfortunately, the Earth 2 rebirth was the only one never published as they had plans. 6 years into the new Post New 52 universe and we still don’t have a JSA book!!!


Just reread Johns’s run every year like me.


The Justice League Book Club will be happy to help you out with that starting on the 15th. :superman_hv_4:

Mark your calendar.

Oh, and bring a hot dish as well. :wink:

Her Flashpoint regalia was a suit of armor, sword and scabbard and a golden helmet.

The Szerdy variant WW is kinda-sorta a mish-mash of Diana’s New 52 suit and her animated Flashpoint helmet/crown.

Speaking of that cover, if its available at cover price (doubting it will be), that’s what I’ll grab for #1, as its a beauty.

I’ll be right behind you in line at Target, Flashpoint Beyond #1 variant WW figure in-hand. :grin:


I actually prefer Roy Thomas’s All Star Squadron over John’s JSA…although his JSA is great, I prefer to read the stuff with the classic feel and not the more modern. Even Roy’s more modern Infinity Inc had a classic feel to it.


Gotta say, I’m totally on board for MORE Flashpoint Batman! Especially since Geoff Johns is on writing duties. Been far too long since we got a new Geoff story! (He’s my fav writer for sure!) Those Nathan Szerdy covers are amazing too. I’ve been following his work for quite a while after meeting him at Megacon Orlando 8 or 9 years ago. Flashpoint Beyond is probably my most anticipated book of the month!


Interesting to see how these characters developed after the story ended.