Flash is the best DC Character let’s talk about it


i agree i didnt realize how powerful the flash was until i started watching his show and became one of my tope favorite heros

I love Flash, obviously. Lol. His ability to time travel makes him integral in the continuity. He has always played a major part in the DCU. Crisis on Infinite Earths, Flashpoint, Rebirth. There is another crossover arc coming in February with Flash and Batman, similar to The Button, that deals with Heroes in Crisis. Cant wait for it.

Also, I’ll just leave this here. Remember in the JL movie when Flash and Superman debated who was faster? Well, the recent Flash War story arc proved that Flash is faster when Supes couldn’t catch up to Barry and Wally.

Most powerful? Depends on how you look at it. Clearly, Superman and Wonder Woman (perhaps Aquaman and Martian Manhunter, among others) might have more in the way of “powers”. There’s also another way to look at powerful – and that’s how compelling the character is.

Starting with Crisis on Infinite Earths but especially with Flashpoint, The Flash has become much less of a novelty act (“The Fastest Man Alive!”) and more of a true character. I’d attribute that to some solid writers (Wolfman, Johns) choosing to focus their attention on the character and put some real meat on his bones.

I just returned to comics after a 30-ish year hiatus, and The Flash has quickly made his way to the top of the heap for me. He’s a lot of fun to read…and that’s powerful.

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I’ll talk about how he’s AMONG the best


Wally is the Best Flash, he’s Dead so Flash is kinda meh


I like the Flash! I have a cosplay ring, like the one from the CW show.

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There can be more than one Flash. For the longest time, there were multiple Flashes. There are multiple Flashes now, but there’s no Wally. That’s a crime! DC Comics should hang their collective heads in shame for killing Wally again. Wally–and this is coming from a “silver-age” guy–is The Flash! No disrespect to Barry or Jay, but Wally “passed” them a long time ago.