flash stories

comment youre favorite flash story besides flash rebirth and flashpoint cause ive already read those haha thanks in advance

The Return of Barry Allen… Flash #74-79 (1987-2009)
After Seven long years Barry Allen returns from his apparent death in the Crisis. At first it seems like a miracle, however, Barry starts showing signs of an increasing instability. Wally West faces the challenge of a lifetime when he finds his identity and purpose in question.


Look into The Flash #54, “Nobody Dies.” It’s one of my all time favorite comic one shots, where Wally has to save a flight attendant after she falls out of an airplane.


Born to Run #62-65
Terminal Video #0 & #95-97
Dead Heat #108-111 & Impulse #10
Emergency Stop #130-135
The Human Race #136-141
Chain lightning #145-150
Blood will Run #170-176
Run Riot and Blitz #192-200


I’m partial to The Human Race and Blood Will Run.


Just gonna point out lots and lots of Wally stories…

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thanks everyone

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