Flash Solo Film Update

Some Updates on The Flash solo film:

Main points:
• Ezra Miller still attached (for now)
• John Francis Daley and John Goldstein (know for Game Night) have left the project willingly
• Andy Muschietti (Mama, It Chapter 1/2) is being looked at to direct
• Christina Hodson (Bumblebee and the upcoming Birds of Prey movie) is being looked at to write
• Miller and Grant Morrison’s screenplay was rejected

Feeling very conflicted about this news. Thoughts?

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I’m glad that Miller and Morrison’s script was turned down. I really don’t like Miller’s writing, and I don’t think either of their tones would be compatible with a Flash movie.


After seeing Game Night recently, I would’ve loved to have seen their take on the material. That being said, seeing this news from a credible source is great to hear!
Also, kudos @RorschachQuestion13 for citing the source, too!


Thanks @superby1! I thought the Community could use some verified sourcing for once. I also agree with the unfortunate departure of Daley and Goldstein. Seemed perfect for The Flash in my opinion.


John Francis Daley was on Freaks and Geeks, along with DC Daily co-host Samm Levine.

I’m glad those writers are no longer attached. Nothing against them, but they never seemed like a good fit.

Morrison fan I am (including his brief run on The Flash), I don’t think he should write a Flash movie. As for Ezra Miller, has he written anything at all, in any medium?

Good news I’d say. I don’t see what’s so hard about getting a Flash movie up and running rimshot, but hopefully we’re on the right track towards something finally materializing into a movie.

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Morrison’s out, so I’m out.

Morrison was a weird choice for The Flash. The guy is one hell of a writer but I don’t think he would’ve been a good fit. If they were to give him another property to make a movie out of, I’m okay with that.

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With his script being rejected miller is out. Warner was pretty sure that he would be leaving but they gave him a chance with the script, he failed, so Miller is most likely out. I do hope they can get this movie on the right track as it would be a great way to reset the dceu. Something that will probably never happen Is grant gustin but fingers crossed.

Considering that the film was left off of DC’s upcoming film schedule and that they’ve yet to land a writer and director, I don’t think we’ll be seeing a Flash movie anytime soon.

Let Ezra Miller go already. His attachment to this film is the only reason it’s not being made. Cut the chord and recast Barry already.