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Just Frost, not Killer.


A slower episode and I appreciated that. I’m terrified at where this Caitlin storyline is going!!!


I appreciated that this episode dealt with Team Flash’s grief over Frost’s death. Too often in movies and television shows a character dies and they never portray the other characters as grieving. Life just sort of goes on. That doesn’t reflect grief in real life, which can go on for months, if not years (I’m not sure it ever completely goes away). Anyway, what Caitlin has planned makes me a bit nervous…



Great episode

The team deal with there grief after frosts death when all goes wrong with Blockbuster popping up in the Arrowverse.

Iris dealing with how to express her legacy and finds the way through the podcast getting the coffee name changed too.

Chester and Alegra argue over Humis, help Mark and the honor her memorial jacket.

Barry buckets the list but then helps Katlyn to the funeral with sweet stuff there. Also cool WildDog reference.

Then Iris disappears and and Katlyn is in a dark place.

Will Katlyn bring back Frost? Will they find Iris? Will the Humis debate be solved? All this and more Same Flash Time Same Flash Channel

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Also let’s settle the debate :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


  • Condiment
  • Dip

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This Episode was Awesome!
Too, Bad They Didn’t Show Team Flash Taking Down Blockbuster!
Iris West Disappears, Again!

I Loved the Funeral!
Reminded Me of J.S.A. Batman’s Funeral!
The Funeral Was Nicely Done!

Caitlan Is Trying Too Bring Frost, Back Too Life!!!
Hopefully, She Succeeds!
Humis is A Dip! Ha Ha!

Nice Debate, Whether Humis is A Dip or Condiment!
Great Show!
Can’t Wait for thew Next Episode!


I knew I shouldn’t have clicked this thread. First thing I see



I motherfragging hate this show!!! Why did Legends get cancelled and this poor excuse of a show still exist!!! I don’t want any show to get cancelled but, God, this show! This episode was utter and complete garbage!


I really only have one comment on this week’s episode:


Uhh… anyway. Yeah. That was a good episode.

But seriously, I liked this episode. The Still Force was an interesting place. I’m a bit confused by Deon. Why leave Barry trapped only to send Nora in? Maybe he assumed Nora wouldn’t be able to help? And he wanted them both there? I don’t know.

We also don’t really know who the Big Bad is right now. I’d be really cool if it was a future Iris. We had a season where future Barry was the villain, why not future Iris?

I’m assuming the brief Allegra in the Still Force scene was Taylor figuring out she is on Team Flash. Allegra doesn’t wear a mask in the field, it won’t be hard for Taylor to figure it out. Especially, after she asked Iris if she should look into it.

I think that’s all I have for this episode. Anyone know how many episodes this season has? I feel like there is a lot left but I have no idea.

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There are 20 episodes listed on idmb. The season finale is June 29.


Thank you!

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