:00_flash: Flash Season 8 Discussion Thread :00_flash:

OK, I was way behind and I am caught up to episode 3 now. Dang, that was a lot.

I’m enjoying Despero but he seems to be a mixed bag. He spared his evil King only to be exiled and sent to Earth. Now he goes back in time to kill Barry, but gives him time, but then kills the team of radiologists in STAR Labs instead? He’s just all over the place. It’s weird.

I’m liking Allegra and Chester more this season. They are a bit more defined in their roles. Same with Iris.

I have always liked Cecil. I really enjoy Empathy as a power and I like how she uses it. Caitlyn’s talk with her really helped.

I am very happy that I avoided all spoilers about who is going to be in this crossover. I’m surprised every time. I heard Tom Cavanaugh’s voice and got super excited.

My guess is that he looks like Barry and Barry looks like Eobard. That’s why everyone’s reaction were what they were. Or maybe not. Who knows. :woman_shrugging: Eobard just said some version of ‘You never know what face fate will be wearing’ one too many times’… it made me suspicious.

No matter what, I’m happy to see him. It’s always fun when he is around.

I’m jumping around the episodes, but I just binged them all, so sorry. But Joe! It’s obvious to me that Eobard is involved which makes me think that he isn’t? I don’t know. I just hope that Joe is okay. I really like his character. That reveal was beautifully done. Just perfect. There were small hints earlier and then the bomb dropped just as Barry thought he was safe. I really liked it all.

Ok, that’s a long rambling post. Sorry everyone. But I’m enjoying the season so far. Can’t wait to see where it goes.


The Big Bad of the crossover should’ve just been Despero. This show uses the crutch of the Reverse Flash way too much. Cavanagah shouldn’t even be playing him, he’s not Thawne, Matt Letscher is!


I still support Thawne appearing every so often as the recurring archrival, but I definitely agree about Letscher over Cavanagh. It’s criminal that he hasn’t appeared as Thawne at all in over 4-and-a-half years. Cavanagh’s still a really good actor who’s done great as all the different Wells, but he’s also clearly become a crutch for the show, even after leaving as a regular


I Miss Detective Joe West. I Hope the Flash Can Bring Him Back!
I Don’t Trust Despero. I Think Despero Caused the Problems In the Future.
I Like Having Reverse Flash Back! I Don’t Think Tom Cavanaugh Should Be Playing Reverse Flash Any More!
I Love That Iris West Is Sticking Up For Her Husband, the Flash!


Well my prediction that everything would be restored to normal certainly came true. But I’m also grateful that we still have 1 more episode left, which will likely be where the event’s real impact will be felt

Also, the ending of the episode (before the stinger) really fell flat in what should’ve been a pretty emotional moment. It’s clear they couldn’t actually get Jesse L. Martin on set for this event, but not even getting to hear his voice at the end? Were they seriously not able to just have him send over a quick voice clip of Joe talking to Barry on the phone? Either that or they didn’t even bother trying. Whatever the reason, that moment just didn’t resonate w/ me nearly as much as it should’ve since we really needed to at least hear Joe after watching multiple timelines in which he’s dead


Over all, I enjoyed “Armageddon Part 2.” As many of us suspected, it was Thawne meddling with he timeline all along. It was great seeing Barry and Thawne interact again. And it was great seeing Barry and Thawne’s roles reversed–everyone thinks Barry is a villain and Thawne is a hero. I also enjoyed seeing Damien Darhk again. I liked that Barry was able to appeal to him as a father. It makes sense that he would want Barry to restore the timeline in order that Nora might live. I do have to agree with @arkhamassassin about the ending feeling flat. I mean, couldn’t we have at least heard Joe’s voice? Anyway, I am looking forward to next week.


Part 4 was great, actually something different from the Reverse Flash, but they seriously need to stop it with him! He’s just such a crutch!


The Flash always had one of the best rogues galleries around. You would think they could use one of his other classic villains!


Right?! But of course this show has no originality.



Awesome™:+1: episode.

Time all messed up in this strange life swap. Very interesting time line. Ryan adopting with Sophie. Choi the new atom and a cool new suit. Chester and Allegra have a past. Frost and Blane seem happy together. And Alex is alive. But so many dead.

Barry and Darhk team up. Great to see him again. Always fun. Barry acting evil was great. He makes Desparos prophecy come true only to save it. Despero seems gone for now after kind of murdering everyone. The team is happy and joe is back but what has changed. Or will that be revealed next episode.

I do have a theory about the yellow boots that they are a relict of the time travel :laughing:.

What Thawne’s next move? Will Despero return? What’s next for our heroes? All this and more Same Flash Time Same Flash Channel


Nice, Too See Flash Barry Allem Defeat the Reverse Flash and Restore the Time Line!
Glad, Too Have Joe West Back!
Glad, Too See Barry Allen and Iris West Together, Again!
Still, I Would Love Too See More of Flash’s Rogues!
Besides Reverse Flash!
Flash Has A Great Gallery of Rogues!


Honestly it was too quick I thought this would flow through both part 4 and 5 but im excited to see wats gonna happen next and i forgot who said this but this person is right they are using reverse flash too much


and i havent watched other Damein Dhark stuff but i really liked his charcter


I like the Flash show, I use to love it but after S3 maybe even S4, but after that, the tone of the series changed. I enjoyed those small dark themes they had earlier on, and all of a sudden it transitioned to a brighter, somewhat weird (that the best word I can think of right now) since then. The Armageddon crossover has been enjoyable so far, my favorite episode is Part 4 and I can’t wait to see the finale to this crossover and how that going to affect the rest of the season. Honestly, I did enjoy Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover better. I think a lot happened in that one and haven’t been impressed with crossovers since. Maybe because Oliver is gone and the Arrow series played such a major role in the Arrowverse, that I feel that it’s kind of off now. Maybe the pandemic restricted some ideas that the showrunners may have had, but I do feel that they could’ve done more, but still enjoyable.


Still waiting for the day Stargirl, the JSA & Superman crossover. :nerd_face:


Horrible, just horrible end to the Armageddon arc. It’s pathetic that this show only relies on the Reverse Flash, they could’ve finally killed him off but they didn’t, it’s just pathetic.


I have mixed feelings about the conclusion to Armageddon. There was a lot I liked about it. The whole subplot with Damien Darhk was touching. I like that they have made it clear that he is a loving father. Too often villains aren’t humanized like that. And it was great seeing Nora like that! And I loved the fact that Joe acted as Team Flash’s conscience. That having been said, I’m not too happy with the Reverse Flash’s fate. I do think they’ve overused him. The Flash has one of the best rogue’s galleries around and they could always use of one of his other classic villains. True, he no longer has his speed, but he can always get it back. I would have preferred it if Team Flash had tried to save him and failed. If he ceased to exist, it would be less likely they could use him again.


Wow, was it that bad? I was hoping the finale would be somewhat better, but now I’m going in the show with doubts



Great end to it all.

Joe is back and Barry fills them in. Mia returns and is looking for William still. 2 years crazy.

RF is dying and team flash debates on to save him. Joe giving them the slap in the face they needed was great. And the decision is made.

Flash v Despero fight was very cool. Enjoyed that as it was revealed Despero was bad the whole time. Wonder if he’ll pop up again.

And the boots are finally here as this whole crossover was just an origin for the boots :laughing:.

RF is speedless. Only intensifying there rivalry.

Darhks rap up was cool. Great moment between him and Nora. Felt so sad for her.

With Mia I hope they continue the story in some way. Either in more in crossovers or just something. A two hour CW movie event. An animated film. Comics something to wrap that up.

Also a thought nothing with Diggle here. Interesting. Wonder when that story will get resolved. :thinking:

What’s with Nora and Bart? Is this Thawne’s true end? What’s next for our heroes? All this and more when it returns March 9th Same Flash Time Same Flash Channel.


I finally saw the episodes last night and all I can say is… I couldn’t wait for it to end. This was probably one of the least satisfying episodes for me from The Flash. The only part of the show I liked watching is when it involved Damien Darhk at the end of the show with his daughter. It was great seeing those gold boots, the suit is finally complete in my opinion (I would’ve personally toned down the red, but it’s pretty comic accurate). It was great seeing Mia Queen as Green Arrow, my gripe with her was the deep, rough voice she was trying to do when she first dropped in. “Only Oliver can pull that off, sorry”. But obviously, you can tell they set up the main plot point for that Arrow spinoff if it ever happens, lol. I mean how long have they been trying to work on this? One day it’s in the works and the other it goes sideways or they don’t want to do it. Other than that, this was the weakest finale to a “crossover” I’ve ever seen. I love the Flash character and I hate saying this but, I really just want to see this series end. I feel that going another year with this show would just be dragging it out too long, because once The Flash ends, how many people are going to go on the CW for their DC content? Because we all know that the other DCTV shows are not so hot, except for Stargirl and Superman & Lois, those are great. I think DC and the CW kinda don’t know what they’re doing, almost like WB’s DCEU films just throwing things out there and praying that people like it. So I do have my concerns with the recent announcement for the Gotham Knights series. “Check my discussion topic for that announcement. It’s my first one so I’d appreciate it if you checked it out”. I think it’d be very good if they take their time with it, but there’s a good chance that it could very much bomb. (the concept is great, though). Idk, if you don’t agree with any of it, please tell me. Not fighting style.