Flash S5E1 Theory (potential spoilers)

With a major focus on the Flash’s disappearance in the 1st episode of the season premiere of the flash the other day I’m starting to think that it could all lead up to CW potentially doing a Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover series. Especially with The Monitor set to appear in elseworlds. Anyone else think the same, or have any other theories on what potential event could cause the flash to disappear?


Maybe after a couple of more seasons and a time jump. Unless some characters go into the future as the crisis starts and try to prevent Barry from vanishing.

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It sure seems like they’re leading up to the Crisis.

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I hate the new costume. Bring back the chin strap :rage:

They did Crisis on Earth X already. I don’t see any more Crisis stories happening soon.

The article in the paper does say “Flash vanishes in Crisis”. It would be awesome if a few years down the road, all of the arrowverse shows culminated in a Crisis on Infinite Earths story.