Flash: my condolences Team Flash

I understand we are leading up to Crisis ( by the way, why do they keep name dropping Crisis every other sentence? Could be a drinking game) but does every episode have to be a depressing dead man walking?
The only bright spot has been this past week’s performance by Jesse L Martin as Joe West. I felt his emotion felt real. I was crying when he talks to his son about how much he had given to the world for him to die and how unfair it was. He made me feel how it would feel to find your child is dying and how it is not fair. This was a great moment!


I disagree, I think the crisis backdrop is a big part of how the Flash has become more character oriented this season. (To great affect)

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I mean he does know he has to die to save all of existence. I’d be bummed.

I guess it has been more everyone has been so extremely sad that there does not seem to be as much progress in stories.
It is a different way to go with the Crisis storyline as the Flash and his family know his death is coming like most of us viewers. This is unlike the original time Crisis came out and his death was a shock.

Of course, the headline in the time vault could change…yet again.

Barry saw billions of futures. Were they just Earth one futures? It seems that in a multiverse 4the number of possible futures would easily be in the trillions. Or given the newspaper and what the monitor told him is operating on Barry’s subsconsious, and he is only seeing futures where he dies and not cognizant of that factor?