Flash Movie ⚡️

Has Anybody Heard Any News About It ?:eyes:

The only thing I last heard was that Ezra was done with the role and will be recast. Other than that we’re in the dark with a lot of movies atm.

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They should use the same actor as the cw show I know they won’t cuz they want to keep it separate but to me Grant Gustin is the flash

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@InMagno, sounds fake. No entertainment news sources have said that.


Xnam360 Miller’s contract expires in this month, so looks like they have to move on his project, renew, or move on from Miller soon. Did google, numerous sources so seems legitimate.

@msgtv, please post the links to those numerous sources. I searched and didn’t see anything supporting that.

xnam360 here’s The Hollywood Reporter, saw a number of others, but from less reliable sources that may have just been repeating THR’s reporting.

Ezra’s script has been turned in. His contract is up this month so we will probably get an announcement soon either way. I didn’t think I would like Ezra in the role but he was great for what he was given in Justice League.


@msgtv, okay, well, I’ve seen that story already, but that story says he’s still onboard.

I was questioning you because it looked like you were agreeing with the other commenter, who falsely said that Ezra has already left the role.

Nope just the contract part

The Flash movie has so much potential, his character will open up the entire multiverse concept. Also i would be down for a flash movie using Wally West

Thought Ezra Miller was a bright spot in JL. His presence humanized the character.