Flash Missing Vanishes in Crisis

So, with Crisis on Infinite Earths over, there’s been a topic I’d like to discuss with Arrowverse fans for a while. Do you think the events that unfolded in the CW adaptation of Crisis on Infinite Earths were a satisfying payoff to the events that have been prophesied ever since the Pilot of The Flash?

Generally speaking? Yes. The crisis made for a good send-off for Green Arrow, and while I wish some of their members were different, I appreciate how they are forming a Justice League of sorts.

But if I were strictly thinking about the payoff with respect to Flash, then the crisis was a massive disappointment. Especially with how the first half of the season just emphasized how Flash was going to die and the rest of the team would have to learn to keep going without him, throwing the 90’s Flash under the bus and keeping our Flash alive was uncalled for. I would have found it much more satisfying if our Barry died, and then as a consequence of the reformed Earth, there would be a new Flash that picks up the mantle. Heck, they could have very easily done that to replace Supergirl’s Superman with Routh’s Superman, but I digress.

I didn’t find it a disappointment at all, quite the inverse actually.

As COIE loomed closer and closer, I wondered how they would handle the headline. I was great to see the original tv Barry Allen complete his character arc. A Barry Allen did vanish in COIE, just not the current one. So there is a partial payoff of the headline.

However, that is the great thing about COIE, it allows you to just change the world. There is fallout and aftermath to deal with. But, let’s look at the first half of Flash this season. It was a mechanism to make all their supporting characters stronger heroes. They all had growth arcs. To me, the biggest question coming out of COIE is whether Cisco takes “the meta cure” again.

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If the show has taught us anything, it’s that nothing is set in stone. Realities and times lines change. Even the newspaper that informed us about Crisis changed a couple times during the series. So it’s not a huge disappointment that Barry didn’t die. And if the previews for the show when it returns are anything to go by, we’ll be dealing with the fallout of what it’s like to mentally prepare for someone you love’s death only for it not to happen; it’s not as happy as one would think.


Personally, I see both sides of the debate, but I still feel that there should be something like that for OUR Barry Allen. The only way I could see that happening would be if it turns out in this Post-Crisis reality, that event ISN’T the Crisis the newspaper foretold. As for what they could do in it’s place? Final Crisis. They’ve set up Darkseid in Supergirl, so they could possibly use the character. Have the Flash die basically the same way he did in COIE, except instead of stopping Anti-Matter Wave, he’s preventing Darkseid from spreading the Anti-Life Equation across the universe.

Well we know it isn’t happening this season, since they are renewed for next season. It seems to me, that with Flash being the second longest running show and the highest rated, I think we will see some kinda of “Flash makes the ultimate sacrifice” in the final season, whenever that is.