Flash Forward Trade (Generation Zero and Death Metal spoilers)

Has anyone read this trade? I checked it out from Hoopla and it includes Flash Forward #1-6 and the unpublished Gen Zero Prologue from this year’s FCBD that was never released. The story ends saying it’s to be continued into the Generation miniseries that was never published. And then there’s another story that continues into Death Metal!

I was surprised to see this story included in the trade.

Is the epilogue from Flash 750 included? I’ve read Flash Forward, but not as the trade. It was nice seeing the Wally I’m more familiar with… For a bit… Sigh. I wasn’t looking forward to 5G, but the idea of Wally fixing time and bringing connections, love, families, etc. back is nice enough. I do worry it sets him up for failure though, and that we’ll just get another Flash messes with time and shouldn’t arc.

Yay for Linda remembering though!

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That’s what I thought too, but there’s an additional six pages beyond what was printed in Flash #750. It ties that epilogue to Dark Metal.

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Are you referring to the generation’s shattered event? that’s getting published next month.