Flash Forward - Thoughts

My following thoughts and statements come from someone who, outside of Flashpoint, has never really read Flash comics. I have read stories and comics that have had a Flash in them, but never read a solo Flash story. In case that makes a difference.

Wally West has been given the shaft for the better part of a decade. Barry came back and replaced him as the Flash, then got wiped out of existence, and even though he came back his wife has no memory of him and his kids don’t exist. Also, he accidentally killed several other heroes in a story that itself was not the best written. This is all bad, but in a weird way has made me interested in trying to follow his story.

“Flash Forward” is a story that, in my opinion, is actually pretty damn good. Great art with moments that remind us that Wally is a fun entertaining character, that also has well done small emotional moments. It was ultimately simple, straightforward, made sense (for comics) and had just the right amount of emotional depth.

Also, in an effort for giving Wally the shaft for a few years, they went in the complete opposite direction and gave him some of Manhattan’s powers. (I liked his Red Rebirth outfit, but Wally looks dope as bleep in his blue look on the Mobius chair) I’m gonna wait until Death Metal comes out in a trade, but I really hope he does something that only a speedster with some of Manhattan’s powers can do!

Overall, pretty damn good story.


I really loved it. I was worried at first that it was going to be all about Wally wallowing in Death Wish level guilt, but instead, with each new issue Wally became every bit as fun and full of life as he always had been!


I dug Flash Forward more than I was expecting to. I just wish Brett Booth had done the covers too, as his interior art far outpaces the covers by Evan “Doc” Shaner.