Flash Forward #1 (spoilers)

Thoughts on the #1 of this series?!

Mixed feelings so far but the ending definitely had me interested.


I really enjoyed it. At first I was worried we were going to have a series full of Wally looking to die, but after he took down Girder and Tar Pit and actually seemed like he was enjoying himself, I was much more optimistic about the direction.it’s interesting that Wally’s identity is publicly known again. I wonder if this will reflect back to Barry Allen somehow. (Not in the “Well, You trained him so you’re tainted by his actions” way… But more of the “Huh so Wally West is the Flash and he works with the Flash in Central City and his uncle is a Central City CSI who got hit by lightning…hmmm” way

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I wasn’t a huge fan of Heroes in Crisis. But I really enjoyed this comic. Excited for the future of Wally West.


By and large, I thought it was good. I didn’t finish Heroes in Crisis, but I was able to follow the goings on well enough.

It was fun seeing Tempus Fuginaut again and Tarpit and Girder were rendered well too.

This issue was mostly just establishing the status quo, catching readers up on what has happened to Wally, and seemingly also pointing out the absurdity of Heroes in Crisis.

Overall I did enjoy it and I’m hopeful for the series going forward.

I liked the first issue and I’m optimistic for the series. Wally has had a hard time lately and I hope maybe he can find something good somewhere.

The writer really has his work cut out to fix the massive cluster King left in that terrible HiC series. That whose series was wrongheaded from the start and probably cost him his Batman gig.

I was interested to see the last page and I hope that the events of HiC are undone by the end of this series and Wally is back where he belongs.

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I’m going to get flack for this(I can take it) but I hope they don’t undo what happened in HIC. I’m upset with how his character was handled as well but undoing it just seems like the easy way out and furthers the idea that nothing really ever changes in comics.

I don’t know if Lobdell can pull a Geoff Johns and redeem Wally the way GJ did for Hal Jordan but I sure hope he can. Just hoping this is worth the investment!

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The community was down when issue 2 was released. Did anyone else read it? If so what were your thoughts?

As a huge Wally fan, seeing him take on The Retaliators and Zen Men was fun and I found that the implications of the last page were both encouraging and intriguing for the plot going forward. No pun intended.


I read it and was surprisingly pleased! Big upgrade from issue 1 and a great cliffhanger to boot!

I know there are divided opinions on Brett Booth’s art but personally I really dig it in this story so far. Hopefully the remaining 4 issues can maintain what #2 got going!


I had a total blast reading issue 2. Wally is becoming more his old self with each page turn. and something tells me we’re going to see a few characters brought back after this adventure has run it’s course. (and I’m not just talking about Iris and Jai.


Man I hope so! The issue was a big turn around and I believe it has potential to be something great long term. Just hope DC doesn’t pull anymore fast ones on Wally in the final issue and such. Gonna be an interesting next 4 months!


Tempus has been seen before where

So far I’m really enjoying this series. It is bringing Wally back to where he was when Titans started up again. Felt that Series took some wrong paths just as Heroes in crisis did with Wally’s character. This book is bringing Wally back to be the fastest Flash. He still seems to understand the speed force so much better than Berry. I can’t wait to see where the series goes especially with that final page.

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Rightfully so tuxnut. I was against reading #2 but I am now glad that I did.