Flash by Gail Simone and Clayton Henry

I REALLY love this series that just dropped! I think Gail Simone’s take on Barry Allen is refreshing and more fun than Williamson’s and Venditti’s runs. It has humor, heart, action, and wit. Clayton Henry’s pencils are unique and sleek. I’m a Wally West fan due to Waid and Johns, but genuinely excited to see if Simone can make me a Barry fan.

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Gail Simone’s Flash is indeed a lot of fun.

Like you @jttevel.25750, I found it to be much more interesting than the regular Flash series.

That goes for many of the new features that, like Simone’s Flash, debuted in the 100-Page Giant line. Tom King’s Superman, Bendis’ Batman and Palmiotti/Conner’s Wonder Woman all outpaced their regular counterparts in the main DC Universe line.