Flash and Superman/Lois renewed

I just saw that these 2 shows have been renewed for next year. Superman/Lois is great news, but I do think that Flash is getting a little stale.
No word on Legends, Batwoman, and Naomi yet. Does not bode well for these. Will see though.


I thought the Flash was getting cancel, :thinking: Glad to see it’s still continuing into the 9th season! Will it become the next Smallville?:grinning:

I’ll admit I’m a little more worried, but still hopeful. The CW still has 11 more shows waiting to see if they’ll be renewed or not, along w/ 3 potential new shows that are still waiting on a possible series order. We know they won’t end up canceling that many shows, so it stands to reason that at least some of the other DC series will be back for more. We may just have to wait until their Upfronts presentation on May 19

I would think at least Naomi would come back as it has only had one season. I have not watched it yet though ( waiting for it to come on HBOMAX ) so I am not sure how good the show is.
I would personally be surprised if Legends and Batwoman came back. The ratings for both shows have been terrible. Will see though.

Legends has to come back. They’ve been going on long enough where I feel like the ratings mean even less, plus there’s still another big cliffhanger that needs to be resolved. After 7 seasons, it deserves a proper final season to send everyone off. I’d love for it to keep going on for years and years, but if it only gets 1 more season to end things, I could still be OK w/ that, just not w/ this being the end

As for Batwoman, it’s interesting that aside from the very last scene, the season 3 finale really tied things up pretty nicely, so it’s not like we’d have a ton of loose threads that’d still need to be picked up. But considering its amazing representation, among many other good things the show has going for it atm, it’d be a real shame to see that end so soon