Flash and Pop Culture references

Just watching the Flash episode of this past week and loving the pop culture references.
Mitch Romero for the criminal turned Zombie. Nice wink to the master of zombie movies.
Ralph’s mom used to date Marv Perez… as in Marv Wolfman and George Perez, the writer and artist on Crisis on Infinite Earths.
I like these little details.


Yea Cisco’s references are the best. But if you like pop culture references, LOT are the champs!

@LEXC0RP you are absolutely right. LOT is my absolute favorite meta show. I’m sad it won’t be back until January. Then I can start my weekly summaries here again.:grinning:

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I thought it was great to finally hear Queen’s “Flash” sing used in the series.

LoT does make the best use of pop culture.

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