Flash 796: Impulse Question

First off the One Minute Ware storyline has been great. I am sad to see Adams off The Flash but jazzed to see where Si Spurrier takes it. As for the ending, it was a little vague but did they write Max and Impulse out of continuity? They ran off into the speed force at the end and are seemingly gone. If so thats a bummer. I like Bart as a character.
I was really hoping for a proper Young Justice revival. I know Bendis gave us one
but one that feels closer to the original.


I assumed they will pop back up in a future issue. Not sure how Adams’ departure will affect that but it read as if they were jumping ahead in time?

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My guess is that Bart decides to stay in the future and fight the Dominators. When Wally jumped around in time, he landed in Bart’s body and was in the future. Of course, Bart was from the future originally, but he only spent a short amount of time there in his own series. My guess is we’ll see Bart having adventures with Max and Gold Beetle in the years to come.