Flarrowverse Universe

I want to know if the cable channel DC shows will make their way to DC Universe. Arrow has gotten the axe. Black Lightning is next and Gotham is on its last few episodes. It’d be cool to at least get the past seasons

I mean… They’re all on Netflix… :confused:

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Black lightning is doing fine. The low ratings are a problem but it’s also a high niche show.

Everyone’s saying CW isn’t coming but I’m not convinced. Warner Brothers has a streaming service coming up! With CW being rumored.

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Also on Black Lightning, it has the highest fan rating of any DC Show at 94% (Flash is 89%)

Don’t believe everything you read the CW isn’t a power rating channel likes sone other channels but it would be cool to eventually see them all on here at some point

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DC universe needs all these shows to get added with all the reports going around

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Black Lightning was renewed for a third season. The deal with Netflix and the CW ends this spring, so it is likely that the CW shows will be coming. It would make more sense to put the DC shows here and the other WB shows on the upcoming Warner Media.