Fix the selection!

Please fix the comic selection. It’s very limited. Once I finish the few series I want to read, you will lose a subscriber.

Look at Marvel Unlimited. That is how you make an online comics library. I have all ready seen the films I want to see.


Marvel Unlimited had jack shit when it launched in 2008 and it worked like shit until 2013. This app is only 3 weeks old AND launched a month early and is already doing better that MU did when it launched. Stop your entitled whining and be patient.

Wrong. You don’t release a crap phone today and say “well the first iPhone in 2006 sucked too”. You make sure your product is competitive.

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MU is a comic only service. This app is aiming to be more than that. The promise of original content already makes it a great competitor to MU. People who signed up for just the comics are just gonna have to suck it up, beacuse that’s not this service’s only focus. It mighy be yours, in which case, maybe it’s not for you.

I have to agree with the original poster here. They started removing comics from the service already. Marvel was also lackluster and kept building until they reached the level they are at now. What I’m reading is that the service is interested in our feedback,so I don’t think it’s whining to ask for tweaks and improvements. I am only subscribing for the comics. I’m giving them a chance. I would love for the back issues to grow and grow and grow. I don’t love that they started cutting comics already.

Is it limited? Or have you just read everything already? Also, how have you read all of these selections already?

It’s not whining to request more from a service you pay for… it’s feedback.

It’s pretty reasonable to be frustrated when most of the “selection” available are just the first few issues if you’re lucky. I’m already approaching burn-out with the video selection that’s available. I was hoping a robust comic selection would be available to make this app worthwhile. I’m already locked in for the year, so it’s not like I’m going anywhere, but its a bummer how limited this service is and seems like its going to be for the foreseeable future.

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At the end of the day, DCU underestimated the demand of their comic library versus a VOD library that’s already available on most other platforms. Let’s be real, there’s not a lot of old multimedia that they can cycle out long-term without getting stale.


Truth of Picsces…we have to just”suck it up”? Seriously? You’re saying that the DC app is equal to Marvel Unlimited because it offers stuff we don’t really care about, so that somehow makes everything okay? To me, it’s like saying “okay you signed up for the comics and they don’t have them. But they have this button where you can print out coupons for free pudding at your local Walmart”. But if we don’t like pudding then the service isn’t valuable for us. And saying that it’s not worth our money is, like has been said, feedback.

DC wants to be successful. They want customers. They want us to pay them money. If they want our money, the way to get it is to give us what we ask for…the majority of their silver and golden age comics. Entire runs or at least the vast majority of them. And NOT for individual purchase.

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That’s what YOUR asking for. Do not assume everyone joined this service for the same reason you did. I’ve barely dived into the comic section beacuse I have a backlog of comics that I bought on comixology through numerous sales. I still have over 200 books to get through, and I mean full volumes not issues. The only time I had to use this service was for one book I didn’t have on Comixology, Penguin: Pain and Prejudice- the entire book being available on the service. I have enough comics to read on on Comixology to keep me busy while the sleection here grows, and if it doesn’t, at best it’ll save me more money on Comixology.

I joined this service for its original content, tue older content being available in one spot, and just because I felt it was something I as DC fan shoukd have. If you joinee it for only ONE of the many things it offers, than I’m sorry you feel you got a raw deal, but don’t assume this service is a failure or that everyone else is unsatisfied after only 3 WEEKS. I’m in this for 15 months. That’s more than enough time for it to improve. The only difference between us is that I’m willing to be patient and give it a chance to get there.

Read the thread again. Nobody is saying the service is a failure, or that everyone joined for comics, or that everyone is unsatisfied. It’s expressing disappointment with the comic selection and requesting that it be changed. I’m all for that.

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At the moment, DC Universe subscribers receive unlimited access to a selection of over 2,500 comics from DC’s comic library that will refresh regularly.


Will different series refresh with the rest of the issues often?

It’s not unlimited access though, is it? Identity Crisis, Batman Year One, The Dark Knight, Death of Superman. All limited access. Some gone in just a few days. And the first issue only of any series is just useless. What’s the point of only having the first issue of 52? It needs to get better.


You guys need to understand this service is more Netflix and less Marvel Unlimited.

Comics are just an added bonus, but not the main focus by any means.



No, comics are not an “added bonus”, they are part of what we pay for. If you watch the DC Daily episodes, they are recommended, and then some of those recommendations are pulled days later. Imagine if Netflix did that with TV series, or if Netflix put just one episode of a series up. As it stands at the moment, it really isn’t good enough.


Harleys, we all know that we have access to 2500 comics. That’s actually the problem. If you were posting that to say “look at this great benefit”, I’m afraid you guys are failing miserably. I know you’re hearing very loudly that if you want to keep your customers you need to make your comics available like Marvel Unlimited does. Whether you listen to us will tell us whether you care about us or you’re just trying to take our money.

If you’re just out for money, I suspect you’ll find that lots of us drop our subscriptions and that money you want so badly will dry up very quickly.


Yes. They are an added bonus. Maybe that’s not what you wanted out of it and that’s fine but if you were hoping for a Marvel Unlimited type then you are in the wrong place. There is no place whatsoever where it was stated it would be heavy on comics. Looking for any article stating that is like looking for “The Snyder Cut”. It simply doesn’t exist.

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