Five (or Fewer) Things You Would Want From a Reboot or Continuity Adjustment

Just for s&g, if there was a reboot or shift or Generations or whatever, what would you want to see change? Or maybe it’s something you would insist stayed the same. I’m not advocating for another New 52, just daydreaming.

  1. The thing I want most of all is for Batman’s secret identity to be a secret again. I hate how many people know it and it has become such a lazy device over the years. I can think of close to 20 villains that know and several more who have enough info to figure it out. In my opinion, the mystique of Batman has been destroyed over the last 5 years or so.
  2. Jon Kent returned to childhood. This story really killed Superman for me. Super Sons was such a fun book and his friendship with Damian was a bright spot.
  3. Heroes In Crisis wiped from continuity and Wally West restored.
  4. Alfred returned.
  5. G’Nort Rebirth. Just to round it out.

Definitely would like Jon put back to his proper age.

I’d also like to go back to the three legions being from three different earths. I thought that was a rare retcon win for the Legion.


Let me reboot the Toyman into a worthy adversary for Superman. I have ideas…

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I agree with you on Batman’s secret identity being restored. He is supposed to be one of the smartest guys around. You would think he could keep his identity secret! I would also like to see Alfred returned. Anyway, I will have to think of what else I would like to see changed.


You gets dibs on Toyman, while I get dibs on Lobo. Deal?


@Vroom Deal, as long as your Lobo isn’t anything like this…



It used to matter when his identity was discovered. I can think of two issues in the last year that ended with a minor villain giving a speech ending with “. . . Bruce” as if that’s shocking.


My Lobo (found in Fan Creations) is The Main MAN, man. The original cigar chomping, dolphin admiring, skirt-chasing, baddest hog in the multiverse ridin’, shoves a chain down your throat and rips your guts out to decorate his ride with, couldn’t possibly give any less of a flying **** if he offends anyone, hardass bounty hunter who fragged Czarnia for kicks and doesn’t take crap from any bastitch, Scrappy-Doo puntin’, skull-cracking BADASS.

@HubCityQuestion digs my take on him, and that’s good enough for me.


Supposedly, they are trying to bring him back with Death Metal. Whatever that means but Snyder said Lobo is a focus.

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The worst thing about this Lobo was that they went out of their way to say this was the REAL Lobo even though we’d already had one in the new 52. They wanted so much for this to be the next big thing and it fizzled out quickly.

If they said Lobo was undercover and went through a transformation, that’s one thing but again with the “No, this is the real Lobo”

We collectively said NObo lol

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For me, the worst thing about the New 52 Lobo is that it happened.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Lobo is easily my least favorite New 52 title. It has a few moments that work, but it was just a big misfire overall.

  1. Supergirl restored to a feelgood comic (infected retconned out).
  2. Batgirl more like early Rebirth/Annual 1. Heroing is fun.
  3. More female led titles
  4. Move Scott Snyder and friends away from main continuity and into Black Label and let them go wild there with juggalos and guitars and people who slit their wrists into blood pools and have forked tongues and whatever strikes their fancy next. Take BWL with them.
  5. Kara popping back and forth to the Legion silver-age style.

I LOVED Snyder on Batman. Court of Owls is in my top 5 easy. But yeah, he has gone into Elseworlds territory.


The main thing I would want in a reboot is for it to make sense. If there is a compelling story you can have Bruce retire and have someone else put on the cowl. It cannot feel rushed. Do not retcon the reboot. In this example, do not have Bruce become the comic book equivalent of Jay Leno. Let the new Batman, whomever it is, stumble and find his/her own way. Do not use cookie cutter scenarios that Bruce might have already been in or readers could easily see Bruce. Build a new rogue gallery that are exclusive to the new Batman while using the classic rogue gallery. If there is a reboot or event where they decide to bring Bruce back, do not have him against the new rogue gallery. Make the new Batman feel unique. If you are so inclined to write a Bruce Wayne story do it out of continuity and ensure to not cross paths with the current storyline. For example, if the new Batman is in a story arc with Joker DO NOT have a Bruce Black Label story with Joker at that time. In fact, wait for 6 months or so to release that Bruce story.

I used Batman in these examples but you could change Batman to Wonder Woman or, shrieks, Superman. Basically, come up with a plan and stick with it. Let the audience be angry for a bit. They will come back if there is compelling stories. I stopped watching The Daily Show when Jon Stewart left but I have found myself enjoying what Trevor Noah is doing more and more.


You killed me with the Jay Leno reference :joy:

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He was the first person I could think of when I was thinking about this.

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It’s an apt analogy!

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  1. Change Rick Grayson back to Dick Grayson
  2. Bring Godspeed back to life. I know he just died, but I think he’s got too much potential to get rid of so soon
  3. Bring back Alfred
  1. Put Shazam back in his classic costume. I understand and accept that we’ll probably never get the name back, but that stupid hood has got to go!

  2. Make Jon his original age again.

  3. Bring back the retroboot Legion!