First Time Visiting LCS In Months

So today was the first day in months I was actually able to go to my LCS (Local Comic Shop)! So let’s show our favorite shops Love and those new comics we have been waiting for! I will show what I got and if you been to the comic shop share a pic and if you haven’t what book are you excited to get as soon as possible!


Unfortunately I’ve never been in a comic shop, nor do I have one locally.


Well, that really ******* sucks! @jsmsiggy seems to be in a pretty fancy one. My most local shop uses hand-me-down shelving :smirk:.


That’s awesome @jsmsiggy - good to see ya! :wave:

I was able to order over the phone with our local shop owner and get curbside service for a storage box and 4 comics a few weeks ago. It was amazing and we are truly going to miss Mighty Moose Comics when we move!


@Kon-El they do deliver so you can call them it’s comic book university in Indianapolis Indiana. @KeyFamily glad to see you and comic shops are like going to the club so we can get nerded up! Also got some much needed supplies.


Man that looks like a big store. Nothing that big in our area (that I know of anyway).

Good to see ya @jsmsiggy :grin:


@moro thanks happy to see you and it’s a big store it has a wide selection and the people are awesome. I know this is going to be just a dated reference (so you kids born around 1995 look it up) but honestly it’s my Cheers without the beer!


@AnonymousHQ you need to find a place close to you just to enjoy everything they have also to just have fun in the environment best part of a comic book shop is finding something cool that you don’t have to wait on shipping and handling!


I’m younger than that, and I’m proud to say I didn’t need to look anything up to get that reference.
Glad you were able to get to your LCS Jsmsiggy! I’m hoping to safely get to mine soon! and yeah, that is a nice and spacious store!


@SuperBlueGrodd it’s a decent size store but the people there make it really awesome. Also you youngster so happy you didn’t have to ask google what Cheers was.

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