First thoughts on Young Justice? (No major spoilers).

Liked how they time jumped in the beginning to explain the change in attitudes and bringing in the New 52 look with certain superheroes. Wasn’t expecting it to get really dark so quick, but interesting twists and surprises in the first three episodes. Really heartwarming to see a special moment between two heroes. Overall, good start.


I thought it was good, great storytelling, I can’t wait to watch more episodes next week! :grinning:


To quote a writer from The Itchy and Scratchy Show: “It’s good!”


What’s with the weird end credits!?

I didn’t get the weird endings either. Lol

me either and the one with the dog sleeping with the kid flash toy made me sad, does anyone else think he may still be alive somewhere?

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I get the impression it’s to highlight something not seen, or only briefly seen in the body of the episode.

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First 3 episodes were great. Bring on more.

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@SavannahC A friend of mine thinks he may be in the speed force trapped and will come out thinking he just left, but doesn’t realize how much time has passed.

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I’m so glad Wally came back, but was so sad when Dick died

I miss Morgan’s first two season look. She just have a depressed look while white.

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@beekbros … Did you watch a Different Young Justice than the rest of us?

New to the program, good show! And from the looks of the new Sony movie “Into the Spiderverse”, animation is getting some much deserved recognition. DC has a good reputation for producing exceptional animated shows and movies alike, “Young Justice: Outsiders” is no exception


I’m excited for the return of Young Justice and loved the first three episodes. The new tone seems a natural evolution. I really liked how the JL meeting went down and how both Aquaman (Khaldur) and Black Lightning stood up to Batman. His and Green Arrow’s decision to bail on the League seemed shortsighted.

I thought the writers presented both sides of the argument well. I am squarely in the Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Black Canary camp that the League does more good and even with the restrictions, should exist.

The way Batman and Green Arrow blindsided the rest of the League was a dickish move in my opinion. I’m looking forward to seeing where that storyline goes.


I love the new season. The lack of censors has really added suspense for me. The death of the girl in the first 3 mins and her brother in ep . Halo girls face burning made me jumpscare. The idea of metahuman trafficking outside earth put Vandal Savage’s “Earth as the center of the cosmos” saying to a whole new meaning. One thing I am very curiois about… aside from the speedster assasin, the metahumans of Bedlam only have geological metahuman abilities. Is it possible that people of different regions metagenes are more prone to one type of power (ex: Markovians prone to geological powers, People in cold climate prone to ice powers or heat)? Or the current way to unlock the metagene only unlocks geological powers? Maybe I am overthinking but it soynds like an interesting concept.

Wait a sec, @beekbros, what are you talking about?! Did you like watch the end of the season?! Or did you mix up Wally and Dick? Please explain…

I really, really, REALLY hope they add Terra to the team. And I really, REALLY, REALLY hope that if is added, then she won’t turn out to be a traitor. Like, that story line has been done.


First off I love this show pretty sure it knocked out JL and JLU out of the top spots for me. The premise of this season looks to be super interesting very good start.

Still not sure how I feel about the new animation though. I love the new 52 style but I feel that some scenes are not very fluid looking, that might not be the right term but what I mean is look at it when the characters are walking like in the 1st ep. in the watchtower or really just about any of the scenes with them just walking it looks unnatural. Also when they talk. Great job on the fight scenes though.

Another thing when Batmans acting like a BOSS and is like IM OUT PEACE! WonderWoman calls him Bruce! Now I know all the OG members know who he is but dang thats one of his big rules and that meeting was not OG members exclusive. Also remember in season one how Batman didnt want Robin to tell anyone his name? Well WonderGirl just straight up calls him Tim in front of ppl.

Bald M’gann! oh man come on I love Miss Martian but not this. If its suppose to be some SJW crap with her expressing who she is and that shes not ashamed anymore or something its a false representation. Y’all know what a White Martian Looks Like And That Ain’t It! Come on and give us the green skin and red haired girl well all love!

Oh snap though when Halo got her face burned that was hard core and unexpected! Also :frowning: about those to sibling getting killed. Really makes the stakes feel real.
Digging the covert gear and contacts.

Like I said though I love this show and eagerly await new eps. Just throwing in my 2cents

First thoughts? INTENSE!!
I wonder if the show has transcended it’s key viewership with it’s attempt to be edgy?