First Thing You Started Watching

I went as old as I could find - bring on the Superman serials!


Nothing just yet. Can’t get my Vizio to SmartCast or SmartView🙄

My favorite DC movie of all time Superman 2

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Batman The Animated Series
I was dying to see the beautiful HD version. :slight_smile:

Super Friends.

Why is no video working

Lois and Clark

Batman the Animated Series. Wanted to see that HD quality! Lol

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Super Friends in the 70’s with Wendy, Marvin, and Wonder Dog!

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By the way, none of my videos are working either?

This is gonna sound weird, but I wanted to giv Birds of Prey a shot first. Weird show.

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Static Shock

I started with Birds of Prey. I was 15 when it first aired. Just started high school and suddenly became way more busy with sports and activities. I never caught all of the episodes.


I watched the first episode of The Adventures of Superboy. I haven’t seen this show in probably 25+ years since it went off the air. I do not remember it being this cheesy but I loved watching it. Can’t wait to get in to the rest of the series.

Superman 2, the best Superman story out of all of Christopher Reeves movies.

I started with the animated “Legion of Superheroes” as it was something I always intended to watch. Then I quickly watched the DC Shorts of “Super Best Friends Forever” and Super Pets".

I watched Death of Superman first. Loved it and cried.

Legends of the superhero s… havent see it in 40 years… yup as bad as i remembered it to be

Teen Titans.

The Death of Superman