First Look: Wally West Calls it Quits?

After the stress and trauma of the past couple of years, Wally West decides he’s done with superheroics in this first look at The Flash #768.

Barry Allen or Wally West? It’s been a lively topic of debate among Flash fans for generations. Is Barry Allen your Flash…or is it Wally West? There’s no wrong answer, although technically Barry’s been the DC Universe’s sole or primary Flash for the past twelve years. But with Wally’s reemergence in 2016 as a part of DC Universe: Rebirth, the former Kid Flash has returned to shaping the world of our favorite superheroes for better…or tragically worse.

Now that Wally’s family has been restored, the younger Flash has finally been able to put his troubled past behind him and focus on the future. But does that future include being a superhero?

It sure doesn’t seem like it as the new creative team of Jeremy Adams and Brandon Peterson make their debut in next week’s The Flash #768.

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Should Wally hang up his superhero shoes or not? Tell us what you think in the comments below!


Boy, am I glad I’m not a Wally West fan. :stuck_out_tongue:


sigh…I AM!

That being said, recent previews and news items indicate that this story is just the setup for Wally’s taking over the Flash title starting this summer!
I personally am looking forward to this storyline as It’s usually a case of the tale that starts with “Will this hero call it quits?” being the story of exactly why the hero not only doesn’t call it quits, but rises up to be the greatest he’s ever been


I’m hyped for this for because of Brandon Peterson’s interior art. He tends to do a lot of great cover work, but precious little interior art.

Having him on covers and interiors has made The Flash one of my more highly anticipated Infinite Frontier reads.

As for Wally, I like him and Barry the same (as I came to know both at roughly the same time when I was 7) so if one takes over from the other, eh, I’m okay with it. Rao knows that Wally could use another good headlining role (after Titans, that is).


Do heroes ever really call it quits? I mean, there are times where they might take a break or claim that "they don’t do that anymore (I’m looking at you Harley from the Batman and Harley Quinn movie), but something happens to where they are needed or they begin doing work again, even in a different way.

Examples: Bruce in Batman Beyond, Harley (mentioned above), S.T.R.I.P.E. in Stargirl (the show from what I know of), both Artemis and Wally from the Young Justice show… I’m sure there are more but just to name a few.

Just putting this idea out there though.

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As a Wally fan I wish him the best! I thought I saw that he was taking over the Flash title though. So, i guess we will see. Hopefully he actually gets to spend time with his family. He deserves it.

The art in this looks beautiful! I’m excited for it no matter what is going on with Wally.

“Come back for one more mission” is a cliche in and of itself.


I hope this is good. Wally has been the universe’s punching bag for a while. My first comic I bought with my own allowance was The Flash #0! I want good things for my dude Wally!


I just read it for like the fifth time! Fantastic start!
This is how I felt back in the 90s when I was reading and rereading each issue endlessly the whole month coming up with ideas for what might come next!

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One of my first comic purchases was Flash #50. How could you not buy an issue with this cover?