First Look: Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo Show Us Nightwing's Past

The blockbuster new creative team of Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo reveal the moment that Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon first met in this Nightwing #78 sneak peek.

It’s hard to think of Dick Grayson without also thinking of Barbara Gordon. Whether as Batgirl, Oracle, or simply Babs, Commissioner Gordon’s enterprising daughter has always been closely associated with the first Robin—a relationship that started strong and only deepened as Dick took on the mantle of Nightwing.

Unlike Babs, Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo probably aren’t names you immediately associate with Nightwing…but we suspect that may soon be changing. The powerhouse team behind 2020’s acclaimed Suicide Squad run along with some of the more memorable issues of Injustice, Taylor and Redondo are now setting their sights on Blüdhaven and its acrobatic protector starting with Nightwing #78.

Check out our News article on to learn more and for a SNEAK PEAK of Nightwing #78!

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The Infinite Frontier looks bright, and this title is no exception.


This will be in the, Dive Back In Section, of my DCUI account when it premieres here.


I’m excited for the new run! I’ve liked Tom Taylor on other books, his interviews about Nightwing sound great, and the energy on a lot of the covers is fantastic. A-list hero!


I’m very excited for this!!! I can’t wait to read it!!!


Highest recommendation for Nightwing #78! An incredible return to form for the title and Dick Grayson as a character!


This seriously might be the best Nightwing comic I have ever read, and I’ve read most of them. SO good!


It was phenomenal! The humor, the heroism, and the overall attitude! Bruno Redondo and Adriano Lucas also killed it on art!


I loved the dawn/twilight glow of the coloring! The title spread was absolutely gorgeous; I hope those types of tones stick with the book or at least Bludhaven. I also really liked the characterization of Dick, both in the writing and the art. Dixon’s run was my favorite, so the nods to that Era made me happy. I also liked how the other characters were portrayed… Although I do have a minor quibble that batfam characters really don’t need to start all team ups with some form of a tussle, lol. (This was mild and in good humor at least!) Can’t wait to see more!


Just read Nightwing #78 and it’s amazing how this book suddenly went from worst to first in one great issue!

I gave up on the whole ‘amnesiac Ric Grayson’ farce awhile back and was waiting for a good ‘jump back on’ point for this title. AND, boy did I get it!

The art was perfect for the story and I was thrilled when I heard Tom Taylor was going to be writing… and have no doubt… Tom Taylor delivers with a heart-warming well written approach!
All this and an interesting ‘hook’ in the story on the last page!

This was a perfect ‘10’ for me!

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