First Image from Joker: Folie A Deux

Not a big reveal or anything but worth seeing, I think. I’m very interested in seeing a reimagining of Harley’s origin in live action. Lady Gaga is a fantabulous actress and she has a such a strong look as well. Sort of the opposite of Margot Robbie who’s sort of delicate looking. What do you think?


I heard this movie is also going to be more like a musical as well.

I love Gaga, and of course Joaquin Phoenix’s performance as Joker was spectacular, so I’m definitely interested in seeing their dynamic on screen.

Whereas I think Margot’s Harley is more comedically quirky and perky (truer to her animated self) and totally kickass, I can see Gaga really playing out that mania that gradually overcomes Harley, maybe closer to how she’s emotionally fleshed out/delved into in comic appearances, if that makes any sense? Especially since it kind of looks like this might be focusing more on Harley’s time as a therapist.


Well said! And yes, it makes sense. I have a feeling this film maybe akin to Harleen rather than Mad Love.


In case you guys never seen and heard Joaquin Phoenix sing, here’s a song he sing as Johnny Cash in Walk The Line…

He’s a really good singer, so with The Joker singing with Harley, should be interesting! :joker_ewhqtas::studio_microphone: :notes: :harley_eyerollhqtas:


I’m here for it!!! :harley_hv_1:


I loved Gaga in American Horror story. I am really hoping this is a darker version of Harley that we don’t get to see in the comics.


I’m here for it - still love people complaining about it, never learning about casting - Keaton, Affleck, Pattinson, Ledger, etc.


I neeeeed this!


Would you sing a song for it?

Asking for a friend.


Is that a ton of facial hair on the Joker? Maybe it’s the Cesar Romero version all the way with this outing.


I hadn’t noticed that! That would be hilarious if true.


Alexa, play Stockholm Syndrome by One Direction

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The words “rev up your Harley” are so going to leave her lips.


Really looking forward to this


If this movie is some sort of musical, then I hope there is no mention what so ever of Bruce Wayne, if it is a continuation of being a character study/origin story, then Bruce Wayne has to be addressed to some degree, like a news paper article featuring his 16th B-day, or some kinda time lapse and intermingling of where Bruce Wayne is in his life and how or if he is even begun to progress to being Batman.

Now my ultimate hope, is that maybe, in this world of Joker, it fast-forwards, by 10 years, so now there is a 18 - 19 yr old Bruce Wayne, who remembers what happened, how Joker was responsible, sees that Joker has escaped, and now has a new g/f on top of it, and is like, nope, not going to let that fiasco happen again.

and Batman takes down both Joker and Harley in the end. maybe tied up in a classic Batman line back to back, sitting in front of Arkham or GCPD. with a Bat note attached.

If it was me, I would barely show Batman, just enough scenes to establish Batman, a few car chases maybe where Joker and Harley escape somehow, maybe a couple of foot chases through Gotham with Batman just out of reach and some how loses them.

But ultimately Batman gets the win, and saves people in the process. Unlike B2.

If WB and DC were to go that route, and not give too much away in trailers, I think it would be exciting.

One more option would be to have James Gordon be the officer who nabs the both of them, and have it be Gordon and the GCPD taking down both of them, while Bruce Wayne is doing who knows what, but isn’t Batman. An have the movie show GCPD and Gordon in a smart competent light that is some what believable as being a real detective and police unit.

But if this is just some weird musical, I won’t be watching it any time soon.