First DC comics memory

What was your first exposure to DC Comics?

I think for me it was having a Superfriends Batman figure or maybe Superman pajamas that had a actual velcro cape. I watched Superfriends which segued into my father taping Batman 66 reruns. The ultimate experience was the only time my father ever took me to see a movie with just him was in 1989. I think of that time and I’m 6 years old again!

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Super Friends… from there I started watching Batman '66 (I didn’t find out until Years later that I was watching a show that was already ten years old by the time I started watching it!) the the filmation New Adventures of Batman, Wonder Woman, Shazam, Isis, Legends of the Superheroes…etc etc…


Batman’66 and Superman George Reeves when I was little…but it was CHALLENGE OF THE SUPERFRIENDS that got me really interested so I went down to 7-11 and bought my first comic-book…at JLA/JSA crossover issue …and I was hooked!

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When I was a kid and discovered the Justice League. Finding out Batman and Superman not only knew each other, but they were on the same team!! That blew my mind.

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