First Appearance of One of Reverse-Flash's Powers

Does anyone know the first comic that Reverse-Flash used his ability of speed to vibrate his hand into someone and kill him/her by rupturing his/her heart? I first saw this from the Flash 2014 show, but there was a comic vine post saying in the comics, he ruptures the heart.

don’t recall him driving his hand into anyone’s heart but he used it to kill Iris by driving his hand into her brain. he planned to do the same thing to Fiona Webb but Barry grabbed him in a choke hold from behind and slammed on the brakes, breaking Thawne’s neck in the process. Years later, an earlier version of Thawne was attempting to do the same to Linda Park in order to draw out Wally West but Wally got there in time and snatched her out of Thawne’s grasp before it was too late.

Thank you for the information. I did some research on that and found that Flash #275 and 283 reference her death, so that is where Reverse-Flash first used that power, which intrigues me.