Firestorm Fun!

A discussion of Firestorm and why we love him so much. Also a place to post a bunch of funny pictures of the funny fire man. @Irredeemable_Shag

I really love this picture so much becuase Ed Raymond is a savage when it comes to Ronnie.


Well, HELLO! Got my attention! :slight_smile: Thanks @Adamantine! Wish Firestorm was getting more attention in the comics lately. However, I have faith sooner or later some creator will champion a new series for him again.

I’ve been a Firestorm fan since his first episode of SUPER FRIENDS! In fact, for years I ran a website dedicated to The Nuclear Man. Not updated currently, but still years of relevant content.

Nowadays I host a podcast about our favorite hothead – AQUAMAN & FIRESTORM: THE FIRE & WATER PODCAST!

Fan the flame!


Martin Stein beats the crap out of Hector Hammond. One of my favorite pages in comics.

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Some classic pics from his latest solo series!

Thanks for these images. Firestorm has a warm place in my heart. Hopefully, they get the character back on track at some point.

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Thanks! isn't%20it%20great