Fire tablet app?

Is the DC Universe app available for the Fire tablet? In the Amazon apps store I’ve search for DCU using DC Comics, DCU, DC Universe app, DC Universe, and even Titans and get nothing. Is this a user problem or is the DCU app not available for the Fire tablet. I asked about this in another thread but when click on that thread is say something like oops page not found. Right now I’m using DCU through the internet browser on my tablet with no problems that know of. If I watch something I use the Roku app.

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No it isn’t. If you Google “DcUniverse.apk” it’ll pop up tho. I had to do same thing, which is weird since it is ok fire tv

It’s available for Firestick but not yet available for Fire tablets and no ETA for when it will be.

As was done for Firestick, an official announcement in the Watchtower section would be made when Fire tablet compatibility comes into being.

Thanks for the info. Not being a in the know tech guy I would think it would be simple to do a Fire tablet app if there is a Fire stick app. And I don’t mean that in smart aleck way, I really don’t anything about creating apps of any kind. Also how does the Fire Stick app compare to the Roku app?

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How do you do the thread tags? I figured I would just ask in this thread instead of making a new thread.

@LPCustom76, when you create a thread, there is a section for inserting Tags underneath “Thread Title”. You can type in your tags there. If there are any you feel are missing please let us know!

you can hack your kindle fire tablet to get the Goolge Play store, then download it form there. It should work just fine. Just Google "How To Get Google Play On Your Fire Tablet " and go to the one from Laptop Magazine.