finished superman 1-4 and a superman game?

so today i finished all the superman movies they have on the app and gonna watch man of steel now so my question is out of all the superman movies which ones did you guys like i really enjoyed the 3rd one there all good but that one sticks out the most for some reason but i would love to hear everyone else is favorite superman movie. And also would you like to see a superman game simliar to spider man open world etc?

Superman 1978 is my favorite. Some people prefer the camp of three, but I had a hard time watching it. The opening scene definitely set the pace for what to expect. As for games, Rocksteady has been rumored to have a Superman game in the mix, so hopefully that will become virtual reality.

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Out of the four movies, Superman 2: Donner Cut is my favorite. But Man of Steel is my all time #1.

I’ve been waiting for an awesome open world superman game since i saw what Rocksteady was able to do in Arkham City. At tgis point, it’s not a matter of if but when.

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Out of the anthology, first two! Although 3 has some moments

The first one is the best, but all of the sequels have their merits. For me some of the charms of III are Superman picking up the frozen lake to put out the chemical fire, everything in Smallville, Lana, Webster’s sister, and of course Superman vs. Clark. I think the opening chain reaction scene is fun too.

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The first one is the least cringey and has a pretty poignant climax, the rest I find kind of insulting as a comic book fan. Terrance stamp is hilarious as Zod though.
I mostly hate how those movies molded the public perception of Superman as a flying joke who can only lead comedy films.
My favorite Superman movie is Man of Steel. I dont hate the Reeve movies, but I see them as Superman’s equivalent to 1966 Batman.

You saying Terrance Stamp was hilarious like some joke is insulting

It’s not insulting to fans when the films were products of its time. They were pretty much how Superman was in the comics for decades but the insult of 3 and 4 came with it’s execution in stories

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@TX85 That was literally the only part I meant complementary, he IS hysterically funny in that film. I dont mean Terrance Stamp portrayed Zod badly, hes the best part of that film. His lines are jokes that only work if delivered with a seriously deadpan, self-absorbed, conceited, but convincing delivery. See the part where Zod declares “surrender, or all your cities will look like this!” then motions to a small town with only burning building, the rest of the town was totally fine. Sorry, that’s comedy at its finest.
As for insulting, the Phantom Zone resting just outside of Earths atmosphere is insulting, lazy script writing that is more convenient than plausible. It’s the same thing as Anakin Skywalker saving the universe through a series of accidents that result in the destruction of the trade federations space station. It’s right in line with the Kryptonian technology that will “permanently remove” Supermans powers…until the script needs him to have powers again, then it permanently restores them, making Superman’s emotional conflict pointless, on top of that he is completely the same character as he was at the beginning of the film. There was literally no character development whatsoever. Add to this, Luthor finds the fortress of solitude how again? Floating around in a hot-air balloon over the arctic, he just comes across it (kind of like Clark does in part one, aimless wandering) Cellophane S sheild? Is this canon now? Oh yeah, dont forget Zods big motivation, revenge on a dead man. Oh yeah, and Superman getting revenge on that obnoxious restaurant patron, very Superman thing to do.
Also, you would think the second he got his powers back he would “reverse time” like he did in the climax of the first film (to save Lois, but only Lois. The rest of the world can just die for all Supes cares) and stop himself from releasing Zod in the first place. Nope, fist fight in times square that doubles as a Marlboro/KFC advertisement.
There was some relationship growth that gets wiped away with a “superkiss” at the end, placing all characters exactly where the were at the beginning.
Again, I dont hate these films and I can enjoy them for what they are, mindless popcorn flicks that require you to turn your brain (and knowledge of comics) off to enjoy. I can do that, but I cant get behind using them as a “Superman Bible” that dictates how this character is portrayed. It has never represented the things I love about the character and the world he occupies is too far from reality for me to get behind. For glasses to be a plausible disguise, the world has to be dumb and or blind. Lois is an investigative journalist ffs.