Finished Arrow on Netflix and Ect

First off watched Arrow a while ago it was pretty decent. There where a few major problems the whole weird back and forth between flashbacks gets old real fast, and a very noticeable probelm is the lack of likable woman. Which is not the fault of the actresses it’s a 100% because of the writing, its the same faults in The Flash. Although I loved a lot of the make charecters (Oliver, Malcolm Merlyn, and Wade Wilson were my absolute favorites) because of these faults there is a lot of drama that happens that end up not making sense. Telling you now the best episodes of Arrow were easily the ones that involve Barry Allen, they have some great chemistry you will enjoy.

On an unrelated note can someone tell me the name of the comic where nightwing becomes a vampire and goes a little crazy. I’ve been dying to read it it looks so good.

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That is DC vs. Vampires by Matthew Rosenberg, James Tynion IV, and Otto Schmidt DC vs. Vampires #1

Thank you!

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