Finally Joined

@foxybridges no I have not. I am so behind in comics it’s ridiculous. In college I was collecting many graphic novels for things I missed out on growing up. Such as The Long Halloween, Killing Joke, Haunted Knight, Dark Victory, etc. All got ruined when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston. Flooded everything we had in storage. Sad part is all the stuff was in storage just because we were in the process of moving. Lost all my comics, graphic novels, trading cards, comic memorabilia and sports memorabilia. It was heart breaking.

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Welcome and nice to meet ya!

@bigpete I’m really sorry about that, but DCU is adding 20,000 comics (gradually) they’ve added about like 2500 about already. I don’t mean to stir away from the topic but u need to watch young justice


Will do. I plan on doing a lot of catching up. And also diving back into some old favorites.

@bigpete ok I won’t bother u anymore, have fun!

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Not bothering at all. Everyone here has been great welcoming me, and I’m also looking forward to checking out everyone’s suggestions. If anyone thinks of any more feel free to add! Thanks everyone!

@bigpete the feature of adding friends is coming soon…do u want to be friends

We got you fam!

DC Universe is lit! :fire:

@InMagno yes it’s fire :fire:

Foxy, how are you?

@gibby I’m doing great! I’m having so much fun. Also I love your new pfp



Thanks Foxy! And glad you are doing great!! :smiley:

You took too long, we don’t care!

Just kidding… Welcome! :slight_smile:


Welcome to Arkham Asylum, @BigPete7978.


Bout time…:sweat_smile:, welcome, friend

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