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So I’ve seen lots of posts about how “limited” this app is. From both major media news sites and here on the board. “I already bought that issue/watched that cartoon/…” or “where is… such and such niche dc thing that I love and got me into this in the first place” arguments. And I get it, nobody really wants to watch birds of prey, the tv show. It was trash.

But where are my poor people fans. I don’t know about you, but I have no money. I haven’t bought, watched, read, or pirated everything. And so I spent my money on this. I loved btas, no I didn’t own it before this app, I only remember from tv. Is anyone else actually happy they can finally, finally, read new 52 or rebirth. Cuz I am. We doubled our comics this month. Who else is actually happy?


I’m over the moon bud. I work graveyard 50 plus hours a week and have 0 time to make it down to a comic shop. I’ve been so behind in my comics for years and now, my ol ladies gonna leave my butt if I don’t stop reading comics and then explaining in excruciating detail everything that happened. Awesome to have you here with us my friend. Drink deep and enjoy all that is DC!!!


I’m happy. As long as they keep adding comics, I’m easy to please!


I just signed up and I’m pretty happy. Maybe I’m missing on how to add shows to a list but hey that is fine lol. I’m a big fan and was going to jump in to support Young Justice true, but also as someone who doesn’t own every issue of everything it is pretty nice. Still, considering how this has started compared to other competition which has been out for years…not too bad as a foundation. Maybe I’m just an optimist :slight_smile:


Personally, I don’t find it limited at all. Yes, it doesn’t have every comic, movie, or show. It never promised that it would, and I never expected it to. It doesn’t have every thing I’d hoped to find, but it has much MORE enjoyable content than I expected to find. I subscribed for two things: Young Justice, and Titans. I’m delighted to discover back issues of comics I never knew about, watching DC Daily to keep in the loop about stuff, and totally excited for those other exclusive shows that are coming out. For the price I paid, this app well exceeded all of my expectations.


I have been happy since day 1. I think most complaints came from people just singing up with out watching or reading the details of the offerings.


I’ve been complaining about the comics for months. I’m not complaining anymore. The new comic additions are awesome and they keep coming. Very happy now.


I have read so many comics I have never even heard of this app is awesome and its only been out since october there are tons of comics to get you into runs


Frustrated, so titans season 2 goes to Netflix internationally first. Now young justice is on hiatus. Also some content isn’t on the site that is popular like the cw stuff. Not feeling well about the service. Renewal of this subscription is doubtful.

@rickhicks98.73150 Don’t know whatcha mean about Titans Season 2 going to Netflix International first but maybe i’m out of the loop on that one? I believe Season 2 will drop the same way Season 1 did, one episode a week till the series finale then it would go to Netflix International. Also there will be plenty of content dropping that is spaced out to fill gaps. As for the CW Shows those aren’t DCU properties so that is why they aren’t on the App. Although they are DC Characters I believe those shows are owned by the CW who has a deal with Netflix for past seasons (hence why they aren’t on here). But I believe you can watch those shows for free with advertisements days after they air on the CW website. But i’m not sure how long they stay posted or if they remove earlier episodes when a new one airs. Cheers


rickhicks98.73150 Sorry to double post but I forgot to mention checking out the comics too! At first I was intimidated and had no clue where to start, but if you post a specific character your interested in there are tons of awesome people who will guide you towards all sorts of cool books from all eras. I recently requested The Atom and within an hour had my reading list filled up with stuff to check out. The people on here are super friendly and really know there stuff : )

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I am very happy with my DCU subscription!

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I’m ALL the way w/ @Gregor. This app is a dream come true and I have been fully satisfied since day 1. The team of mods do a phenomenal job of listening and guiding us to the right place with any concerns. I’m glad someone posted the 2019 TV schedule…look at all that beautiful content to come!!! We’ll always have a show going that’s brand new and orginal content to us :slight_smile: I’d say that alone (not even mentioning the constantly growing comic library) is pretty darn amazing.

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