Finally Finished New Teen Titans (1980) Series

I finally finished reading the original New Teen Titans series that started in 1980 on here. Well… more or less, I know it continued as a reprint series for a few more years. But for all intents and purposes the entire series.

While now there are plenty of chances to read long runing serries on the DC Universe that was one of the first chances we got to read something from beginning to end, even if with the original rotation it took some work.

But it was well worth it, as I loved this series. It was something I always wanted to read but just never could bring myself to put in the money so likely never would have without DC Universe. But so glad I got to because from beginning to end it was a great series, that holds up amazingly well for a Bronze Age comic book.

So thanks to DCU for the opportunity to finally experience this classic critically acclaimed series. One of the many reasons DCU will never not be worth the money for me.