final crisis? did you like it?

did anyone like this comic? I thought it was just drugged out and really boring. It made no sense to me, and just felt like it was really bad. Am I missing something?

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When I bought it and all of its tie-ins a decade ago. I haven’t read any of it since then.

I do remember the last ish o’Legion of Three Worlds coming out very, very late. Months after Final Crisis itself had ended. Puts the Doomsday Clock delays to shame.


You’re not alone. It’s how I feel about most of Morrison’s writing. It starts pretty cool but gets confusing and weird.

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It’s honestly one of my favorite comic book events EVER. Loved the crazy scope of it, and how it still feels like a personal story.

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I like its scope and themes. It has some really neat moments.

Here’s the thing though… Morrisons writing always feels like its trying to make everything seem more erudite than it needs to be. Multiversity feels that way too. It always feels like you are missing a tie-in that would explain what happening on the edges of the story. His love of obscure comic book ephemera is both a blessing and a curse.

I mean, why are the new gods inhabiting the humans? What was the war in heaven? Time skips and flashbacks happen with out clear indicators.

It would have helped if DC Editorial had not botched Countdown and DotNG going into the event. I was following DC comics pretty closely at the time and none of the major titles were building the event. It was all supposed to be in the aforementioned titles. The monitors, overmonitors and tie-back to the Crisis were all really neat connections, but Countdown didn’t really do a good job with them, and the complete disavowal of DotNG going into Final Crisis really makes all the New God stuff really confusing.

I just wish Morrison would write a story without pretending that he is trying to write literature.

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I definitely did not like it. It felt like Grant Morrison was intentionally making it convoluted and confusing.



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I thought it was really great but I wish DC Universe had Countdown to Final Crisis which is miles better than Final Crisis IMO

I liked it. Try Reading countdown to final crisis.

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Maybe try DC Databases synopsis of Countdown to Final Crisis.

It got me back into comics after an around 5 year absence, so yes I liked it.


CoIE is the only comic book “crisis” I thought was really good.

As for the other, I have enjoyed the ongoings more.

Final Crisis might be one of the worst arcs I have ever read. 0 stars - Wouldnt read again.

To the people saying that Countdownto Final Crisis is better: who hurt you? Can you show us on this doll?

Seriously, I would be interested to see the why of it, if you can.

It’s not awful, but it’s nowhere near as good as Crisis on Infinite Earths or even Infinite Crisis.

I still have no idea what Final Crisis was about.

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I really enjoyed Black Lightning in that book

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My favorite FC tie-in was Rage of the Red Lanterns. Atrocitus is a wicked badass of a villain.

I liked Final Crisis fine, but I liked Geoff Johns’ tie-ins even more.

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Is this all I need to read to really understand Final Crisis if I’ve already read CoIE?

Identity Crisis -> countdown to Infinite Crisis -> 4 mini series (Omac project, Rann - Thanagar War, Villains United, Judgement Day) -> lead up Superman and WW issue in which a very important thing happens -> Infinite Crisis -> 52 -> Seven Soldiers of Victory -> Final Crisis.

With the Superman and Wonder Woman issues being 220 respectively? Which neither is on here correct?

I would recommend that anyone who wants to fully appreciate Final Crisis start by reading Kirby’s Fourth World books as half of Morrison’s aim with writing it was to create the conclusion Kirby was never able to do. If you’re going to bother with Countdown (which isn’t at all neccessary) you’ll get more out of it if you read Kirby’s OMAC and Kamandi series also.