Filter By Date?

How do I get a filtered list of issues by date? Like, everything released during a specific month. The filters on the Comics page don’t seem to work for that.


Hi Alacrity, which device are you using? It seems that while we do have a sort by date feature on some devices, it has disappeared from others. Thanks!

I primarily use an Android tablet, but the website does the same thing. Hit the Filter icon (or click All Comics on the website), choose Date Range, pick a month (e.g., 4/1/2019 - 5/1/2019), and you get a very small set of results (for the example, only three titles come up.) No other filter options have been chosen. This is not new behavior; the old app did the same thing.

It seems the Date Range field is hitting titles that started in the date range (issue #1), rather than returning individual issues published during the range.

Edit: The more I think about it, the more I suspect the “All Comic Series → Date Range” filter is intended for Titles, rather than Issues. So I guess this becomes a Feature Request - please add a Filter for Issue Date Range.


Did they ever fix this? I just came to the app?

@dwintman.44807 Hmm, it seems like this persists on my end. No worries, though, I’ve re-escalated this issue/feature request to our team! :slight_smile:

Btw welcome to the community! Glad to have you here.

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This issue does still persist. The team is aware of the issue and fixing it is on their to-do list, but no ETA on that. We’ll let you know when the issue is resolved, keep an eye out for patch notes!

I think the main thing we are missing here is filtering issues by date whether in all comics or lists. There are no filters in lists which we need. I was part of a focus group almost a year ago and brought this up and still nothing. Very frustrating. I would even be happey hearing it was coming in a few months. Something to acknowledge the gap.


I’ve been away from the app for awhile, using the Unlimited, and my favorite thing is to be able to read through all the issues by publication date. I hope this gets fixed soon. I’m itching to be able to read back through the early 90s stuff and not just the Triangle issues


Fingers crossed!


This has been my single biggest request.

Sorting by date does zero good If it then lists a ton of titles.

We The readers, need a sort issue by date feature.

I want to simulate walking into a Comic shop and seeing all the issues available on the stands that day.

This should not be as difficult as it seems to be, and really should have been there from the beggining.


Welcome back to the community @donopolis.40080! Thanks for giving us your feedback, we appreciate it.

I’ll go ahead and note down that another person is asking for this!


Hey, any news on sorting by issue publication date?

Nice username by the way.

Hey there! Thanks for checking back in on this.

I don’t think we have any further news on this, unfortunately. I can’t provide an ETA at this point, but likely it is still on our to-do list. I can do some poking around to confirm, but otherwise we’ll let you know if/when anything changes!

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Thanks :alien:

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To be honest, this app - and even the website - is nearly unusable to me, if there is no way to isolate issues by publication date.

And even if I do it the slow and tedious way and add issues to my favorites, they is no way to sort that list to even get it in issue order by series title, publication date… anything. There is no sort button within the Favorite Issues list.


Hey @foreveraaron.88287, welcome to the community! :wave: Thank you for your valuable feedback - unfortunately, I don’t have any further news to share on this requested feature, however, rest assured our team is aware that these functions are particularly wanted. I’ll be noting down your post to share with the team.

Please don’t hesitate to let the moderator team know if you need anything. :slight_smile:

I’d really wish I could like this app but the search functions are terribly slow for the few that exist. Looks like the search functions of Marvel’s app have been requested for almost 18 months without any updates. This service could use more frequent updates.

Thank you for your feedback and welcome back to the community! Our team works hard to try and make our fans as happy as can be, so I’ll absolutely be sure to note this down!