Female Furies

I got my friends a copy of Mister Miracle, and am creating a compendium for them to help explain the characters. I’m drawing a bunch of the Fourth World characters doing very human things…like the Furies posing in the Brides Maids movie poster (I got married when the movie came out, and every group of brides maids did this at the time).


I’m not very tech savvy and apparently my attempt at uploading an image failed. One more try…

Post a link where I can see the image and I will be HAPPY to post it for you. -jv

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Big Barda :heart_eyes:


That’s the URL of the image. When I enter that on “add image enter URL image” line to post nothing happens.

Can anyone give me some pointers on what I may be doing wrong?

Here. All is did was open a new window with the url you listed. I “right click” the image as I’m looking at it on the screen and OPEN IT IN A NEW WINDOW. You can also do this with a phoneI then copied the url of the new window image and pasted it in the ADD IMAGE BOX on the DCU. Easy. Try one now.


Lashina! Nice.

The URL for the new window with be slightly different from the original url. In other words…
Your url you directed me to (see above) was:

By opening it in a new window the image url became:
which could be copied and pasted into the add image here on DCU.

For the record, there are many image hosting sites, it was just one I latched on to when I was looking for a site to host pics.

Got it! Thanks man. I just uploaded a Swamp Thing and Plastic Man one I did a while back.